Jan 092019

Cat sitting on boogie mat

Hi guys! Just checking in with all of you. I bet you’re all wondering how the move to our new house is going. Well…we haven’t officially moved yet. Oh I know what you’re thinking…we’ve been moving for months it seems…what’s taking so long and when will we finally move? The thing is we didn’t have to move right away from our old house and since our new house is only about 5 minutes away, the mom and dad decided to move slowly and try to do a lot of stuff themselves. The big pieces of furniture will be left for the professionals to move.

But now the mom says it’s getting to be “crunch time” and this place is really emptying out! Stuff is disappearing…cupboards and closets are bare. Even our big cat tree is gone! Lemme tell you a funny story about that. As the mom and dad were carrying the big tree out, I tried to stop them by jumping on it and meowing at them to put it down. I did not want that cat tree to leave. But all my efforts were unsuccessful…and out the door it went. RATS! I’m holding down this boogie mat so it doesn’t go anywhere.

The plan is for us to be in our new house in a couple of weeks. And then…let the exploring begin!

Dec 302018
Easy E's Blogoversary Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! You knew I just had to pawticipate in the last Selfie Sunday of the year, right? Hey! I wouldn’t miss it! And I bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing my party hat already even though New Year’s Eve isn’t until tomorrow. Well, you know what? It’s our Blogoversary! Yep, we’ve been blogging for [read more]

Dec 282018
Secret Paws Fun!

Hi guys! It’s me…Ernie. Even though things have been kinda busy here on the island with us packing up and moving soon, we still managed to pawticipated in Secret Paws this year. For those of you not familiar with Secret Paws, it’s a secret holiday gift exchange where we’re anonymously matched up with another cat [read more]

Dec 242018
Christmas Eve with Chip and Slim

Hey guys. Ernie here…just checking in. We’re not quite back to our regular blogging schedule yet. The mom is still busy getting things ready at our new house so we can make the Big Move…which will probably happen after the holidays. I wanna share with you what Chip, one of the Garden Center cats, has [read more]

Dec 142018
We're Taking a Short Break

Hi everybuddy. We’re gonna take a short blogging break. The lady with the yellow hair says between the holidays and moving and stuff, she just can’t keep up with everything. Y’know…the other day she almost forgot to feed me and my dinner was late. Well, we can’t have that! So we’re taking some time off. [read more]

Dec 122018
What's That Wally Doing?

Wally, stop staring at me. Nope…I’m gonna keep staring at you, mom, until you put that phone down and feed me. But I just fed you 10 minutes ago. There’s still food in your dish. Why don’t you go finish it? I want you to stir the food around so it looks fresh again. Seriously? [read more]

Dec 092018
Easy E's Toasty Warm Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Mr. Sun has been visiting us all weekend. We haven’t seen him much lately…we almost forgot who he was! It’s still cold outside, but all this sun makes it easier to handle. I’m soaking up as much as I can. I had to stretch out a bit so I could keep the sun [read more]