Nov 182019

Hi guys. Ernie here. Last week when we got all that snow, something else also happened. The geese returned.

Geese in water

Now, they hadn’t been around all summer or fall. I don’t know where they went, but they weren’t here. Not until it snowed. Then a whole bunch of them showed up…and it was a feeding frenzy.

Geese in water

I don’t know what food was in that cold water but it sure must have been tasty the way those geese were going at it. The mom said it looked like they were bobbing for apples…whatever that is.

And then…the next day…they were gone again.

Swans in water

The swans came to visit…but then, they’re always around. Same goes for the ducks.

Now I’m not sorry those geese left. The mom kinda hopes they don’t come back because they’re messy and noisy. All that noise has been known to ruin a good nap.

Ernie taking a nap

And you know me…the last thing I want is a ruined nap. Zzzzzzzz…

Nov 172019
Easy E's Selfie in the Sun on Sunday

Hey guys. Here’s my selfie for today. The mom likes it when I tuck my paw under like this. She thinks it’s cool that cats can bend their legs this way. Well, of course us cats can bend our legs. *rolling eyes* I’m enjoying this sunshine. Even though it’s still pretty cold outside, a little [read more]

Turn It On!

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Nov 112019
Turn It On!

Well, crappity crap. The mom turned the fireplace off again. Guess I have to take matters into my own paws and turn this thing on again. Because…KITTENS! It’s cold outside! Now where’s that “on” switch? Today’s Veterans Day here in the U.S. of A. Thank you to all our veterans for all they have done [read more]

Nov 102019
Easy E's Weird Napping Spot and Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Here’s my selfie for today.  Oh…that white stuff around my nose? It’s from my breakfast. Y’see…the mom crumbles up freeze dried treats on top of my food and some of it got on my face. I’ll clean it off later. I took this selfie from an unusual spot. Well, I don’t think it’s [read more]

Nov 082019
White Stuff...Already?

Hi everybuddy. You see that white stuff out there? It seems like it showed up earlier this year…and I’m not ready for it! Oh sure, I’m an inside cat and I don’t have to really deal with it. But I don’t wanna look at it day after day. Not yet at least. I hope it’s [read more]

Nov 042019
BlogBlast for Peace 2019

Today is BlogBlast for Peace! Once a year on this day…November 4…bloggers from all over the world share their Peace Globes and thoughts about peace. We are ONE VOICE on ONE SUBJECT for ONE DAY. This year’s BlogBlast for Peace theme is CHANGE YOUR CLIMATE. There’s been lots of talk about climate change and how [read more]

Nov 032019
Easy E's Selfie with the Fire on Sunday

Hey guys. The mom says I’m obsessed with the fire. I dunno why she says that. Just because as soon as the fire gets turned on I rush over and lay right next to it? And stay here for hours? I don’t call that being obsessed. I call that staying warm. And because I’m not [read more]

Finally Friday

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Nov 012019
Finally Friday

Whew! It’s been quite the week…and I’m sure glad it’s finally Friday and the weekend is almost here. Aren’t you? Halloween has come and gone. We didn’t have hardly any of those noisy trick-or-treaters around here. The rain and cold weather kept them away, I guess. That’s fine with me. I know you’re all wondering [read more]