Sep 222022

You  guys! Today is Remember Me Thursday®…a day to SHINE A LIGHT on those orphan pets in shelters and rescues who are waiting for their forever homes…and also to remember those that sadly never made it out. Started in 2013 by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Remember Me Thursday® is a day to get the entire world talking about the importance of pet adoption and inspire others to SEE THE LIGHT for pet adoption.

Remember Me Thursday

My Story

Y’know…I’m a former shelter cat. That’s right. I, along with my sister…did you know I had a sister?…ended up in the shelter when the first people that had us couldn’t keep us because their landlord didn’t allow pets. My sister, a calico, was adopted pretty quickly but I remained in the shelter for well over a month. Lemme tell you…it was lonely and scary and no fun at all. Being a black cat, I thought I might never find a home since people tend to not want black cats thinking we’re unlucky or something. I mean, how stupid is that? But I got lucky. The mom saw my picture on and went to the shelter to meet me. It was love at first sight and the rest…as they say…is history.

But there are so many wonderful animals not as lucky as I was. They sit in shelters waiting and waiting for their forever homes…and some sadly never make it out.

#RememberMeThursday graphic with Ernie

What You Can Do

So what can you do to shine a light on shelter and rescue animals and help others see the light for pet adoption?  Adopting a shelter or rescue pet would be the best. Though I know that’s not something everyone is in a position to do. But you can be a part of the Remember Me Thursday® Awareness Movement, and spread the word about the importance of pet adoption…especially for those animals that are considered less adoptable…like the older ones or the shy and fearful ones or the black ones like me.

Today, tweet, tag, post and share on social media the life-saving significance of pet adoption. Y’know…changing just one mind can save a life. Did you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue? Share their photo and adoption story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Their story may inspire others to see the light about the importance of pet adoption. Make sure to use the hashtags #RememberMeThursday and #SeeTheLight. 

You can also enter the fun Remember Me Thursday® contest and win one of 3 fabulous prize packages that include cash, food and toys for your favorite shelter or rescue. All you need to do is upload your pet’s photo to the Remember Me Thursday® contest page.

#RememberMeThursday graphic

Let’s get the whole world talking about pet adoption and help others see the light about how important it is. Let’s honor the lost ones whose time ran out and bring awareness to those we can still help. Let’s make pet adoption from a shelter or rescue the FIRST option!


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