Aug 142022

You guys! Y’know…the best toys are those that stay with you over the years. No matter how much you claw them, chew on them, and knock them around…they don’t fall apart.

Close up of Ernie with an old toy

Here I am…taking a selfie with one of my toys like that. This thing has to be at least 10 years old. You can see how well loved it is. It used to be off-white. Now it’s a dingy grayish-green…probably from soaking up too much cat spit. takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

Ernie playing with his old toy

This toy is still a lotta fun to play with…and now it’s time to see how much more it can take.

Do you have any old toys you still like to play with?

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Aug 112022
Storytime is for the Birds

You guys! Storytime!  Sometime in July, a pair of mourning doves decided to build a nest on top of our garage door opener…in our garage…right over the dad-guy’s old Corvette. As a side note…this is one reason not to leave your garage door open for an extended period of time…but I digress. Anyways, they built [read more]

Aug 072022
Easy E's Half Asleep Selfie

You guys! So I here was…napping on the bed. I dunno…it was like my fourth or fifth nap of the day…honestly, I lost count. But I woke up and realized I hadn’t taken my selfie yet. So before getting back to napping, I snapped this quick one. Y’know…not too bad considering that I was still [read more]

Me and My Mad Rat

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Aug 042022
Me and My Mad Rat

You guys! Look what we have here! It’s my Mad Rat. Y’know…it’s been a while since I’ve played with it. C’mere, Mad Rat. It’s so nice to see you. Let me give you some loving. *Lickity…lickity…lickity…slurp…lickity* Mad Rat, I forgot how good you taste. So catnippy!  *SLURP* Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterest

Jul 312022
Easy E's Not a Blooper Selfie

You guys! So you agreed with me…those were some bad photo fails that I posted the other day. But all was not lost. My photographer assistant was able to help me get a couple of excellent selfies…once she stopped putting the camera so close to my face. Here’s one of them… Yeah…it helps when you [read more]

More Random Stuff

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Jul 212022
More Random Stuff

You guys! Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here! Even though for me…every day is pretty much the same…so weekends aren’t that big of a deal. I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that of stuff that’s been going on around here. It’s been HOT here…just like it [read more]

Jul 172022
Another Serious Selfie from Easy E

You guys! I didn’t have time to get fancy with my selfie…just a simple “one and done” for today.  It came out pretty good…though I look kinda serious, don’tcha think? I seem to look serious in many of my selfies. I’ll try smiling next time…and looking right at the camera, too. But sometimes you just [read more]

Jul 142022
Loving My Nip Cigar

You guys! Y’know…there’s nothing like having a nip cigar after a good meal. Or even before a good meal. Anytime is a good time for a nip cigar.  And I’ve been giving this one a whole lotta loving. Maybe just a little bit too much. This nip cigar is helping me forget all about my [read more]