Apr 192019

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair took this picture of the sunset from our house a few days ago.

sunset over the Detroit River

She thought it was really pretty, and asked me if she could post it here so you all could see it. I said okay.

Yeah…I know…it’s pretty.

cat on bed

Almost as pretty as me…right?

Apr 152019
The Island Cat 500

Hi guys. Have I mentioned that our new house is way bigger than our old house? Now why the peeps wanted a bigger house is beyond me, but I’m not complaining. There’s lots more room that’s for sure. This house is so big, it has not just 1…but 2 staircases! This is what we call [read more]

Apr 142019
Easy E's Sunny Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. This was me yesterday…enjoying the late afternoon sun. Lemme tell you…it felt goooooood! So I decided to take my selfie here. I guess this post should really be called “Easy E’s Sunny Selfie Saturday” since it was taken yesterday. It’s a good thing I took it then…because it’s raining today. And I look [read more]

Apr 122019
Getting Ready for My Photo Shoot

Lady with the yellow hair, don’t take my picture just yet. I’m not ready. Let me clean up a little bit first. I gotta wash my face. And make sure all my whiskers are in place. *lickity lickity rub rub lickity* Okay…I’m ready now. Shoot! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Apr 082019
Working on the Catio

Ernie! Why are you under the bed? There’s strange worker guys in the house, mom. You know I don’t like strangers. I’m hiding from them. But Ernie…you should be happy that those guys are here. Why? Because they’re working on the 3-season room…fixing it up and painting it. What the heck is a 3-season room? [read more]

Apr 072019
Easy E's Substitute Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. This is one of our upstairs windows. I like to sit here and watch everything going on outside. I can see way more from up here. Fishing season must have started because there’s been lots of boats out on the river the last couple of days. Those boats go zipping back and forth…even [read more]

Mar 312019
Easy E's I Can Do It MySelfie Sunday

Hi guys. So there I was…enjoying this massive sunbeam…when I was reminded that I needed to take a selfie for this week. Ernie! Don’t forget to take your selfie for The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie blog hop this week. Hey, mom…why don’t you leave your iPhone here for me so that I can [read more]

Mar 292019
I'm Bored

Hi everybuddy. Welcome to my window. Y’know…this is the time of year when neighborhood-watching gets kinda boring. Look…there’s nothing going on out there. Oh sure, the occasional human goes running or walking by. Sometimes they have a dog with them. But it’s so sporadic. And even though it’s spring you’d never know it. I mean, [read more]