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Sep 162021

Hey guys. Today I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that for your viewing pleasure.

Ernie lying on window seat

I was trying to take a snooze on the window seat…but someone kept taking pictures of me. Go away and let a cat sleep!

Ernie lying on the mom's feet

Well, if I can’t sleep on the window seat, how ’bout on the mom’s feet instead? I don’t know why I like sleeping on her feet, but I do. She better not even think of moving!

Ernie looking out window in the sunroom

In the sunroom doing a little river watching.

Ernie lying in his heated bed

In my heated bed…but the heat’s been turned off for now. It’s still summer…at least for a few more days.

Y’know…if it seems like all you see of me are pictures of me sleeping or lying around…it’s because that’s what I do most of the time. A cat can’t get enough sleep…am I right??

Last of all…you guys know that we get some cool visitors in our yard. Ducks and geese and swans and deer and the occasional muskrat. But this past week there were a couple of really interesting ones.

Two wild turkeys

Wild turkeys! Now this isn’t the best picture because it was taken from inside the house and from a distance. But check out these crazy birds! I wonder if they’ll stick around until November. You know what comes then…don’tcha? Gobble gooble!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of random photos!


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