Feb 202019

Hello everyone. It’s the Island Cat Mom. As most of you may have heard, on Monday afternoon Wally left this world and is now at the Rainbow Bridge.

Over the past few years Wally had his health issues, first with a severe pancreatitis attack that resulted in a hospital stay and a feeding tube. He also had a mild heart problem and early stage kidney disease. About 6 months ago he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and since that time his kidneys worsen no matter what we did to try and slow the progression. Through all of this, Wally always remained a trooper…putting up with many vet visits and me worrying about him, and taking his various medications.

Late last week, his kidney values were off the chart, he was not doing well, and the sad decision to let him go was made. This all happened so fast…much faster than I ever imagined.

Thank you for all your kind words of condolence…it warms my heart that Wally brought all of you as much joy as he brought me. I will miss my orange boy SO much. He was one in a million.

Thank you, Ann, for this lovely graphic.


If love could have saved you…
you would have lived forever.

We’ll be taking a break from blogging…at least for awhile so we can cope with this tremendous loss and find our new normal.

Feb 132019
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…a day to show your love. And to show my love, I’m sharing my catnip heart with all of you. Because what says “I love you” more than a slobbered up nip heart…right? Happy Valentine’s Day! *smooches* Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Safe In My Cabana

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Feb 082019
Safe In My Cabana

Hi everybuddy. Lately, I’ve been hanging out in my cabana more. I find that I can see what’s going on in my room better than when I’m under the bed…but I still feel safe. Oh I still take the occasional under-the-bed nap. And I’ll run under there to get away from the lady with the [read more]

Feb 062019
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. I’m loving the fireplace in our new house. Because the one in our old house sat up higher, I could never lay in front of it like I can with this one. The mom put my hammick right up close. Thanks, mom! Lemme tell ya…I am toasty warm! This is how I survived the [read more]

Feb 032019
Easy E's Kitten Bowl and Super Bowl Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Ernie here. So the BIG game is today. No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl…I’m talking about the Kitten Bowl! Who wants to watch a bunch of humans running around crashing into each other when you can watch cute kittens running around and crashing into each other? That’s right. Once again, adorable, adoptable kittens will [read more]