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Jun 012020

You guys! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. Now…you may already know it, but the mom, as a cat blogger, is a member of the Cat Writers’ Association. For those of you unfamiliar with the CWA, it’s a worldwide organization whose membership consists of writers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers, radio and television personalities, videographers, bloggers, illustrators and others all devoted to sharing information about what else…CATS! Its goal is to improve the quality of information about cats for the general public and to inspire, educate and inform. The CWA currently has over 300 cat-loving members.

Ernie sitting on chair

Purrsonally, I think I should be the CWA member, not the mom, since I’m the cat and it’s MY blog…but unfortunately I have to rely on the mom to actually do the work of typing and taking photos and writing the blog posts and stuff. Not to mention the CWA apparently is only for humans…not cats. Maybe I should start my own cat organization…now there’s an idea!

Oh sorry…I got off track…back to the exciting news.

Every year the CWA has a Communications Contest where members…and non-members…submit their cat-related works to be judged in a number of different categories. These categories range from books to articles to photography to social media…and so many more.

The mom submitted our blog in the category of “Blog/Website: Humor/Entertainment.” And guess what? Oh I bet you already guessed it…we WON a Certificate of Excellence! Whoohoo! We wanna thank the judges for this recognition.

CWA Certificate of Excellence

Several of our blogging friends also won a CoE in this category…and we congratulate them. Now all of us are in the running for the coveted MUSE Award, which goes to the entry with the highest score. The MUSE Awards are announced at the CWA Annual Meeting and Conference. This year it was to be held this July in New Jersey, but sadly, because of Covid-19, it has been cancelled and a virtual, online meeting/conference is being planned for later this summer.

Y’know…we have no expectations to win the MUSE Award since the competition in our category is pretty stiff. Being awarded the Certificate of Excellence is truly an honor…and we already feel like winners. We’re happy to know that our blog entertains you and makes you smile. And we’ll continue to do our best to keep you entertained and smiling.

If you would like to see a complete list of the CWA Communication Contest categories along with the Certificate of Excellence winners, click HERE.

May 312020
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May 292020
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May 252020
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May 242020
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Bird’s The Word

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May 182020
Bird's The Word

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May 172020
Easy E's Blep Selfie on Sunday

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May 112020
Bird TV Starring The Swallows

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