Feb 092009
A Guest ManCat

Hey, this is our mancat cousin, Rusty. Rusty saw our post about the Boogie Mats and he kept pestering his mom about getting him one until she finally did! Rusty is one happy kitty now!!  Rusty just starting blogging too! Why don’t you go visit him?? Click HERE!!  On another note, the PTUs came out of the [read more]

Feb 012008
More Wannabes

More Island Cat wannabes have sent their photos to the Island Cats because, as you know, “Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat!” This is Winston, Greg and Bart. They are part of the same family with these two orange boys, Chaz and Henry. They all belong to Glenn and Lisa who, in addition to [read more]

Jan 052008
Island Cat Wannabes

As the saying goes “Every cat wants to be an Island Cat!” Meet Molly and Bubba.  Two Island Cat Wannabes. This photo was sent in by their human, Judee.  Thanks!  What a couple of cuties! If you have photos of your kitty (or any pet for that matter) please email them to blkcatgal@gmail.com.  Your pet [read more]