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A word from The Island Cats Dad…

My wife Sue and I are residents of Grosse Ile, Michigan, a wonderful island community (it’s really not as snooty as it must sound).

We realize over and over again how fortunate we are to be “Islanders.”

Well…we looked around our spacious home with its many large windows, trees, birds, and lots of empty space inside…we’ll furnish that living room one day, I promise…and we realized that our cats had it pretty good as “Islanders” as well!

Sue (who I consider to be the world’s foremost expert on cats) soon began referring to our cats as “Island Cats.”

And I’m not sure…but I think that, somehow, all cats know that an Island Cat is the best kind of cat to be.  I am quite sure that our cats know it!

Sweetie, this site is for you, and, of course, our Island Cats.


December 2007