Apr 172022
Easy E's Easter Selfie

You guys! So I took this nice selfie for Easter. I thought it looked good, right? But…oh no…the mom couldn’t leave well enough alone. She had to turn me into the Easter Bunny. Jeez, I look ridiculous, don’t I?  All I can say is thank cod these ears, nose and teeths are virtual. I hope your [read more]

More Random Stuff

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Apr 072022
More Random Stuff

Hey guys! How’s this week going for all of you? It’s been going good around here…except that Spring sure is taking its sweet ol’ time getting here. One day it’s a little warmer but the next it’s cold again. Sheesh. If I wanted a roller coaster ride, I’d go to an amusement park. Not that [read more]

Apr 032022
Easy E's Selfie with a Mouse

You guys! Guess what?? There’s mice in our garage! Yeah…the other day the mom went to put something in the recycle bin that’s kept in the garage and when she looked in it, there was a mouse inside of it! It kinda scared the crap out of her. And she said the mouse was probably [read more]

A New Cat Mat?

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Mar 292022
A New Cat Mat?

You guys! Check this out. The mom bought this new mat. She said it’s a bath mat. But I have taken it over and declared it as my new CAT MAT! It’s soft and comfy and I enjoy napping on it. There’s only one problem. It’s wet sometimes…usually after the mom takes a shower…so my [read more]

Mar 272022
Easy E's Peace Selfie #Blog4PeaceUkraine

Hey guys. Today I’m pawticipating in a special BLOG4PEACE to my show support for the people and animals of Ukraine. This special social media event is organized by Mimi Lenox who also organizes the annual Blog4Peace each November. You can learn more about it by visiting the Blog4Peace.com website. I purr for UKRAINE…I purr for [read more]

Mar 202022
Easy E's Shiny Nose Selfie

Hey guys. I took this selfie the other day when the sun was shining pretty bright. Look how the sunshine made my nose look all shiny! But don’t be calling me Rudolph or anything funny like that. My nose may be shiny…but it’s not red! Oh yeah…I don’t wanna forget this. HAPPY first day of [read more]