Rainy Days

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Nov 022018
Rainy Days

It’s been raining here A LOT the past few days. All this rain makes a big mess…wet leaves, wet trees, wet grass, wet street, wet everything. I’m tired of looking at it. I guess I should be glad that it’s only rain and not the “S” word. Rain rain go away…come again some other day. Just [read more]

Oct 292018
Under-the-Bed Sleeping Styles

Hey guys. Ernie here. A while back me and Wally showed you our different sleeping styles. Well, y’know what? Our under-the-bed sleeping styles are much the same. Me being an introverted sleeper, I like to stay mostly hidden…only letting my toesies peek out. By the way, those are my back toesies. While Wally, the extroverted [read more]

Oct 282018
Easy E's Spooky Face Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. Y’know…Halloween is this week. I told the mom no dressing me up in costume this year. She said okay but if I wasn’t gonna wear a costume for my selfie today, I needed to come up with something else. So I did. Here’s my really spooky face selfie! Did I scare you? Because, honestly, [read more]

Oct 262018
I'm Just a Blur #PetPhotoFails

Hi everybuddy. It’s time once again for The Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop. This is a monthly blog hop where all you have to do is post a photo fail of your pet…you know…one of those pictures that just didn’t turn out right and would normally end up in the recycle bin. This [read more]

Oct 242018
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. Whew…I’m exhausted! And lemme tell you why. There’s been painter guys here for the past week and I’m the only one around here who snoopervised them. That Zoey hid under the covers and Ernie, the scaredy cat, hid under the bed the entire time they were here. But not me…I didn’t hide. I [read more]

Oct 212018
Easy E's 'Tocks Selfie Sunday

Happy ‘TockTober, guys! For those of you not familiar with ‘TockTober, it’s a fun tradition started years ago by our friend, Derby, where we show our buttocks to celebrate the month of October and his birthday…which was yesterday, October 20. Derby went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago, but we still celebrate ‘TockTober [read more]

Undercover Cat

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Oct 192018
Undercover Cat

Hi everybuddy. Sorry if I sound kinda muffled…but I’ve been spending most of my time the last few days under the covers. Why you ask? Because there’s strange worker guys doing some painting in our house and making lots of noise and stuff and I don’t like it one bit! I told the lady with [read more]