Aug 272021
Action Shot Bloopers #PetPhotoFails #Bloopers

♫ ♪ We’re having a heat wave…a tropical heat wave. ♪ ♫ Hey guys. Y’know…even though it’s the end of August, summer is still pretty brutal around here. It’s been hot hot hot and sticky humid…and it’s not suppose to let up for a few more days. Thank cod for cold air blowing thingy which [read more]

Aug 222021
Easy E's Selfie for His "Frans" on Sunday

Hey guys. So let me set this up for you. There I was…all sacked out on the sofa…head hanging over the side just the way I like it…getting ready to nod off into dreamland. When I was gently reminded that I hadn’t taken my selfie yet. ERNIE!! You still have to take your selfie for [read more]

Aug 192021
Thankful for Our Cat Writers' Association Certificates of Excellence

Hi everyone. It’s the Island Cat Mom. A couple of weeks ago, the Cat Writers’ Association announced the Certificate of Excellence winners in their 2020 Communications Contest. For those of you unfamiliar with the Cat Writers’ Association (CWA), it’s a worldwide organization whose membership consists of writers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers, radio and television personalities, [read more]

Aug 172021
Are You Loved by a Fabulous Black Cat?

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! But aren’t all black cats fabulous?? Editor’s note: I found this quote about black cats attributed to Princess Leia of Star Wars fame. However, I could not find anything as to when and/or where she said it. But I’ll still give her credit. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Aug 152021
Easy E's Artsy and Sunny Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. I know…I know…another selfie of me glowing in the sun. You’re probably tired of them by now. But in this one I’m looking away from the camera and it sorta kinda gives it an artsy vibe. Whaddaya think?? I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the [read more]

Aug 122021
Do You See What I See?

Hey guys! Nah, I’m not gonna start singing Christmas carols…though I bet this post title gives you an earworm. Do you wanna know what I was staring at outside so intensely? If you thought it was the geese…or the swans…or the ducks…or Alfred, the blue heron…you’d be WRONG! Here…let me show you… It’s a baby deer! [read more]

Aug 082021
Easy E's Tunnel Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys! How’s it going? Can you guess where I am for this week’s selfie? If you said in my tunnel…you’d be right! I’ve been hanging out in here lately. Being that I’m a black cat and that it’s black inside here makes it really hard to see me. It’s a great hiding spot when [read more]

Aug 012021
Easy E's Sunny Selfie on Sunday

♫ ♪ ♫ Sunshine on my shoulders…makes me happy! ♫ ♪ ♫ Actually, sunshine anywhere on me makes me happy. I hope it’s sunny wherever you are today! I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the hop or to see other fun selfies, click HERE. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Jul 302021
Don't Cut Me Off! #PetPhotoFails #Bloopers

Hey guys! Well here it is…the end of July. Can you believe it? Where did this month go? Seems like it was only yesterday we heard the BOOM BOOM BOOM of fireworks. Come to think of it, it was yesterday…there’s some crazy people around here who like to shoot those things off no matter what [read more]