Jun 142020
Easy E's Up High Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys! Can you guess where I’m at right now? If you guessed on top of my tall cat tree, you’d be right! I’ve been spending more time up here…mostly napping. The cat tree is in the living room where there’s no noisy TV and other stuff going on…so it’s quiet and I’m less likely [read more]

Nov 222013
Formerly Feral - The Lookout

I love the cat tree… it’s the purrfect spot to be on the lookout for those two pesky boycats.   Hey!  Have you entered our Drinkwell water fountain giveaway yet?  You still have time!  Click HERE for more details about how to enter. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Jul 192013
Formerly Feral - Tall Cat Tree

We’ve got 2 cat trees in our house…the mini one that Ernie likes…and this tall one.  I like the tall one best because I’m higher up and can see everything that’s going on.  And it makes it easier for keeping an eye out for those trouble-making boycats!  They better not try to knock me off of [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Feb 242013
Easy E Sunday

Our new cat tree is great for doing magic tricks! Look!  I magically stuck my paw all the way through the top! I bet you’re all wondering how I did that, right? Well, a good magician never gives away his secrets! But that apparently does not apply to the pawparazzi. RATS!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Easy E Sunday

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Feb 172013
Easy E Sunday

Hey kitties!  Check out our new cat tree!   Yep, I’m sad to say that our ladder’s been officially retired.  With my back issues, the mom is worried that the ladder isn’t safe for me.  ‘Specially the way I loved to dive-bomb off the top of it.  Wally’s been moping around…whining that he wants the [read more]

Aug 032012
Formerly Feral - The Olympian

Whew!  Competing in these Cat-O-Lympic events has left me exhausted!  Did you see my Cat Tree Gymnastic routine over at Quill’s at Housecat Confidential??  Except for one teeny tiny mistake, I think I nailed it!  Look out Gabby Douglas!  There were some allegations of doping…but trust me, there was no nip involved! I gotta rest up, [read more]

Mar 162012
Formerly Feral - The Acrobat

Hi everybuddy!  Have I told you lately how much I love playing on my cat tree?  I really, really do!!  The lady with the yellow hair says I’m quite the acrobat!  Let me regale you with some of my tricks!!  Due to the difficult nature of some of these moves, I ask that you hold [read more]