Mar 172024
McErnie's Selfie on St. Patrick's Day

Top o’ the day to you! It’s me…McErnie…wishing you all Happy St. Patrick’s Day! On St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish! Here’s an old Irish blessing: “May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold — and at the end of your rainbows may you find a pot of gold.” Eh, gold’s fine…but [read more]

Dec 242023
A Christmas Tree Selfie on Christmas Eve

You guys! Happy Christmas Eve! It won’t be long now…just one more sleep before the Big Guy in Red comes! I’m sure he’s gassing up the ol’ sleigh right now and making sure those reindeer are ready to fly. Here’s a selfie of our Christmas tree. Okay, it’s not really a selfie. I mean…trees can’t [read more]

Oct 292023
Easy E's Selfie with a Trick-or-Treating Friend

You guys! With Halloween coming this week…I took a selfie with my good friend, Kitty Kat, who’s ready to do some trick-or-treating. Hey Kitty Kat! Remember…you promised to share your treats with me. Happy Halloween to all of you! May your treats be plenty and your tricks be few. Me and Kitty Kat are pawticipating [read more]

Jul 022023
Easy E's Patriotic Selfie

You guys! The 4th of July is this week. So in honor of America’s birthday, I decided to get patriotic…and silly…with my selfie. For those of you celebrating, I hope your day is filled with fun, family, friends and food. ‘Specially barbecue…lots and lots of barbecue! And now…for your viewing pleasure…here’s my favorite kind of [read more]

May 282023
Easy E's Memorial Day Weekend Selfie

You guys! Can you guess where I am today? Probably not…so I’ll just tell you. I’m chillaxing in the sunroom. That’s right…the sunroom is officially open for the season! It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. of A. with Memorial Day being tomorrow. Memorial Day is a day where we remember and honor the [read more]