Hiding Out

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Mar 032022
Hiding Out

You guys! Can you guess where I am? Can you? If you guessed under the bed…you’d be right. Wanna know why I’m under here? Do you? Because there’s been strangers in my house the past couple of days! The mom says they’re here painting. Well, you know how I feel about strangers. I don’t like [read more]

Feb 182022
Three Years...

My precious Wally, How can it be that three years have gone by since I said goodbye to your sweet face? Three years…36 months…156 weeks…1065 days…26,280 hours…1,576,800 minutes. The years…months…days…hours…minutes pass and I STILL miss you. I will NEVER stop missing you. And I will ALWAYS love you. Love, Mom

Feb 182020
One Year

My precious Wally, How can it be that a year has past since I said goodbye to you? Sometimes it seems like just yesterday…other times it seems like forever since I last held you and told you how much I love you. One year…52 weeks…365 days…8760 hours…525,600 minutes since I’ve… Looked into your sweet eyes [read more]

Dec 302019
That Was The Year That Was

A few words from me…the Island Cats Mom… 2019 is coming to a close…and with the end of the year comes our blogoversary. Our blog began in December 2007…which means we’ve been blogging for about 12 years now. I know…it’s quite an accomplishment. Many blogs never last that long. Ernie “helping” me with the blog [read more]