May 082022
Easy E's Mother's Day Selfie

Hey mom. This is a nice way to spend Mother’s Day, don’tcha think? You give great belly rubs. Glad you’re enjoying yourself, Ernie. Are you enjoying yourself, mom? After all it IS Mother’s Day. And you’re my mom…a cat mom! I sure am. There’s no way I’d rather spend the day than with you. Let’s [read more]

May 012022
Easy E's Serious Selfie

You guys! I snapped this selfie and I think it came out pretty good. Though I look kinda serious, don’t I? Y’know…I look serious enough for my face to be on a $100 bill. Instead of calling it a “Benjamin,” the $100 bill will now be called an “Ernie.” I’m pawticipating in The Cat on [read more]

Mar 272022
Easy E's Peace Selfie #Blog4PeaceUkraine

Hey guys. Today I’m pawticipating in a special BLOG4PEACE to my show support for the people and animals of Ukraine. This special social media event is organized by Mimi Lenox who also organizes the annual Blog4Peace each November. You can learn more about it by visiting the website. I purr for UKRAINE…I purr for [read more]