Sep 152019
Easy E's Scratcher Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. I’ve been hanging out lately in my box scratcher. I haven’t used it in awhile…but the other day, I rediscovered it. I’m glad I did…I forgot how much I like lying on it. And scratching it, too. I decided to take my selfie from here. Hey…I think this is a pretty good one. [read more]

Sep 082019
Easy E's Selfie Sunday with Mousie

Hey guys. I just got done with a rousing game of “Swat the Mousie.” Y’know…these tile floors make playing that game a whole lot easier. Mousie slides so well when I swat him. Me and mousie took this selfie together. Sheesh. Mousie is so worn out from all that playing he can’t even sit up [read more]

Sep 012019
Easy E's Slipper Pillow Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! I love laying on the mom’s feet. ‘Specially when she’s wearing her slippers. They make the best pillow! I sure hope she doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. I took my selfie while I was laying here. Oops! I cut off part of my ear. I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head [read more]

Aug 252019
Easy E's in the Sunroom again for Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Look at me! I’m in the sunroom…aka catio…again. I know I told you guys that I was a little afraid of this room but I’m getting better about being in here. Especially if the mom leaves the screen door open. I don’t feel trapped and I can come and go as I please. [read more]

Aug 112019
Easy E's Selfie with a Monstera Sunday

Hey guys. The mom has been getting into houseplants a lot more lately. Well, she’s always liked plants and there’s always been some around the house. But since moving, she’s got more room for more plants now. She recently bought this beauty. It’s called a monstera deliciosa. Boy, that’s a weird name for a plant, [read more]

Aug 042019
Easy E's Sunroom Selfie Sunday

You guys! Do you know where I am? I’m in our catio…though the peeps call it the “sunroom.” It hasn’t been catified much yet. They’re still working on it. Let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t spend a lot of time in here because…*whispering*…I’m a little scared of this room. I [read more]

Jul 282019
Easy E’s Selfie with a New Toy Sunday

You guys! When the mom was at Meow MeetUp, she bought me…okay, she bought us…a new catnip toy. I keep forgetting that I gotta share this with Zoey. This is the Mad Rat from TacoCat Creations, one of the vendors that was there. Did you guys know that Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat? [read more]

Jul 142019
Easy E's and Sharky's Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. You know what day it is. It’s Selfie Sunday. And here’s another selfie with my friend, Sharky. He’s been feeling a bit left out lately so I told him he could be on the blog today. I hope you guys don’t mind seeing him again. I’m sorry if I’ve ignored you, Sharky. Here…let [read more]

Jul 072019
Easy E's Compromising Selfie Sunday

Ernie. Yeah mom? You make a better door than you do a window. What’s that supposed to mean? It means you’re in the way. I can’t see the computer screen. You have to move. But I don’t wanna move from this sunpuddle. How’s this? Better…but you’re still in the way a little bit. I call [read more]