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How The Island Cats Began

Hello! Welcome to my blog…The Island Cats…Every Cat Wants to be an Island Cat! This site is dedicated to our cats…our Island Cats…both past and present.

I began calling them Island Cats ever since my husband and I moved to Grosse Ile, an island community located in the Detroit River just south of Detroit, Michigan. Grosse Ile is a great place to live and we feel very fortunate to be “Islanders.” And we think our cats have it pretty good as “Islanders” as well!

Here are “The Island Cats” both past and present:


Scooter, the “Original Island Cat”
April 1989 – January 26, 2006



June 16, 2003 – February 18, 2019





February 2008 – January 6, 2021

This is a humorous and fun-loving blog featuring The Island Cats who, with help from me, “the mom” aka “the lady with the yellow hair,” share stories and photos of the GOOD LIFE they live on a not-so-tropical Island. Their motto is “Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat!”

I hope you enjoy reading the stories that we share…told from The Island Cats’ perspective…and that the stories and photos bring a smile to your face if not make you laugh out loud and wanting to be an Island Cat, too. Please visit often and feel free to post your comments.


Sue with cats

Sue Doute
The Island Cat Mom…aka The Lady with the Yellow Hair