Oct 022022
Easy E's Looking Away Selfie

You guys! After seeing those awful bloopers of me the other day, you deserve to see a better photo of me. So here’s my selfie for today. It’s my mysterious “don’t look at the camera” look. I do this so well. Y’know…posing for photos is exhausting. Time to get my easy on! I’m pawticipating in [read more]

May 122022
You Know It's Spring

You guys! We’ve been having the BEST weather lately. Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. The windows are open and I’m enjoying the whiffs and watching the wildlife. You know it’s spring…because the geese are back…with their babies! A lot of people don’t like the geese because they’re messy and noisy, but not me. I [read more]

Jan 232022
Easy E's Hurry Up Selfie

Hey guys. I’m gonna hurry up and take my selfie… So I can get back to better things to do on this cold winter’s day. Like snoozing. Actually, snoozing is a good thing to do no matter what the weather is…cold, hot, raining, snowing…doesn’t matter to me. It’s always the right time to take a [read more]