Mar 032024
Easy E's Selfie in Honor of Dr. Seuss

You guys! Yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day. A day to celebrate the wit and humor of the famous writer, poet and cartoonist, Dr. Seuss. But this year, the celebration goes on for five days…March 2 through March 5…for Read Across America! Shoutout to the Kitties Blue for providing this frame I’m celebrating with this silly [read more]

Leap Day

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Feb 292024
Leap Day

You guys! I’m leaping outta February and into March. Happy Leap Day! Oh…in case you’re wondering, this is a really old picture of me. I haven’t leaped like this in years!

Feb 112024
Easy E's Super Selfie

You guys! This is my super selfie because today is Super Bowl Sunday! That’s right…it’s the biggest day in football here in the U.S. of A. This year’s match-up is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Since my favorite team…the Detroit Lions…isn’t playing, I don’t care who wins. But it should [read more]