Oct 132023
Happy Lucky Birthday to the Mom!

You guys! Today is Friday the 13th…considered to be an unlucky day by some. But not today. Today’s a lucky day…because it’s the mom’s birthday! Let’s see…last year she was a bazillion years old, so this year she must be a gazillion! Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you enjoy your lucky day! Love, Ernie

Jun 162023
Flashback Friday - The Contortionist

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done a Flashback Friday. And today we have a special one. We’re flashing back to June 2018…and featuring our special orange boy, Wally. One thing about him is that he could sleep in the strangest positions. He was quite the contortionist! Sometimes I thought he might tie himself into [read more]

Feb 162021
My Green Eyed Girl

Today would have been Zoey’s 13th Gotcha Day. She was a stray that showed up one day at my husband’s business…a garden center.  No one knew where she came from. Perhaps she got lost from her home…maybe she was dumped there. But she was scared and alone. I remember my husband mentioning to me that [read more]