Aug 022020
Easy E's Paw Roll Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. How are you all doing today? It’s Sunday…so you know what that means. Time to take a selfie. Here’s mine. Y’know…humans don’t understand why us cats like to sit with our paws rolled under like this. They think it must be really uncomfortable. But…it’s not. Do I look uncomfortable? Actually, I’m feeling quite [read more]

Jul 262020
Easy E's Bored Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Not much going on today. It’s still hot…the windows are still closed…the cold air thingy is still blowing hard. Same ol’…same ol’. I’m bored with all of this…and my selfie shows it. But wait…there is something new. You guys wanna know what those stupid swallows have done now? Well, maybe if you’re the [read more]

Jul 192020
Easy E's Top of the Cube Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. I’m hanging out on the top of my cube today. I like to nap here sometimes instead of inside the cube where it can get a bit stuffy. Especially when it’s hot. Yeah…that’s right…after going away for a couple of days, the hots are back in full force. And this time they brought [read more]

Jul 122020
Easy E's Funny Face Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Y’know…when times are tough…like they are right now…you gotta laugh. Laughing will make you forgot about all the stuff that’s going on in the world…and you’ll feel better. What’s that? You don’t feel like laughing? Well…let me fix that. I give you…my funny face selfie. *BLEP* It worked! I can hear you all [read more]

Jul 052020
Easy E's Flexible Tail Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Have you ever noticed how flexible a cat’s tail is? Like it’s boneless. Check mine out for example. Look how it conforms to my scratcher box. It kinda looks like a snake. Pretty neat, huh? I decided to take my selfie while hanging out in here. Pretty neat, too…wouldn’t you say? I’m pawticipating [read more]

Jun 282020
Easy E's Tunnel Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Y’know, I like to get creative with my selfie and not do the typical ones you always see. So today for Selfie Sunday, I took one using my tunnel. I put the camera at one end…set the selfie-timer…and then sat at the other end. And voila! Me looking through my tunnel! You can [read more]

Jun 212020
Easy E's Dad's Day and Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Today’s a special day. What’s so special about it? It’s Father’s Day! And I wanna wish ALL the dads out there…’specially our Dad-guy and all the other Cat Daddies…a Happy Dad’s Day! Why do I love the Dad-guy so much? Lemme tell you why… He gives the best head scritches. The mom thinks [read more]

Jun 142020
Easy E's Up High Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys! Can you guess where I’m at right now? If you guessed on top of my tall cat tree, you’d be right! I’ve been spending more time up here…mostly napping. The cat tree is in the living room where there’s no noisy TV and other stuff going on…so it’s quiet and I’m less likely [read more]

Jun 072020
Easy E's Guest Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys! Ernie here. Today I’ve got a guest for you. It’s none other than Slim…the Garden Center cat! Slim, the Garden Center Cat I bet some of you are wondering how Slim is doing since losing his buddy Chip last month. Well, he’s doing okay. Y’know…Slim might have to change his name to Fatty…because [read more]

May 312020
Easy E's Selfie with the Outside on Sunday

Hi guys. It’s a beautiful sunny day here…and the window is open and I’m enjoying some window whiffies. Y’know…I thought it would be fun to take a selfie with the Outside. So I positioned myself in the window so you can see the Outside…and snapped this one. I kinda came out blurry…but the Outside took [read more]