Nov 082008
New Island Cat Club Members

Hey, Ernie…we got an email from one of the Walking Guys! He wanted to introduce us to some cat-furriends of his… Neela and Sun-Li! Neela and Sun-Li don’t have a blog… but they read all the kitty blogs like ours!! Neela and Sun-Li want to be members of the Island Cat Club!! Hey, Wally!  Neela and Sun-Li [read more]

Apr 172008
A New Island Cat Club Member!

Remember my post regarding Nermal, a feral cat that was taken in by some nice people and is now no longer living outside?  (See:  An Interview With Nermal) A few days after posting that interview, I received a very nice e-mail from Nermal’s auntie Pat.  Pat informed me that Nermal is an Island Cat!  How about [read more]

Jan 172008
The Island Cat Club

Since starting this blog, other cats have contacted us wanting to be an Island Cat (because every cat wants to be an Island Cat! 🙂 ).  So we have started the Island Cat Club.  There are only three requirements to becoming a member… you must be a cat,  you must live on an island, and you must be [read more]