Oct 142014
Two on Tuesday

Hey everybuddy!  It’s me…Ernie.  It’s a typical Tuesday…or any day for that matter…here on the island.  Lookit me!  I scored the Coccolino bed for my nap!  But I don’t know how long it will last.  Wally looks like he’s sleeping pretty hard…but that could change any second.  The mom says thanks for all the birthday [read more]

Jun 172014
Two on Tuesday

So, didja enjoy your birthday yesterday, Wally? Yeah, I sure did, Ernie. The Cat Scouts threw my a Corvette-themed birthday party! Probably because I showed up at the drive-in movie we had the other night in the dad-guy’s old Corvette. Wally, I can’t believe the dad-guy let you drive his Corvette. Me either, Ernie.  Good thing [read more]

May 212013
Two on Tuesday - More BlogPaws

Hey kitties…it’s me…Wally.  So the mom is home and sorta recovered from BlogPaws now.  She says the BEST thing about BlogPaws was meeting the peeps of our blogging furiends that were there, too.  We won’t mention all of them here because there were so many and we don’t wanna miss someone. Not only did the mom meet [read more]

Go Vote!

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Nov 062012
Go Vote!

Hey kitties!  We interrupt my regularly scheduled nap for this Public Service Announcement  to remind all our American furiends to make sure their peeps get out and vote today!  And I’m sure if Ernie was awake (he’d sleep through a bomb going off!), he’d say the same thing. Let your voice be heard!! Now back to my regularly [read more]