Aug 092017
Kitty Kick Stix™ is Fun for Every Cat!

Hi guys! Wally here! I’ve got something really cool to share with you today. The Kitty Kick Stix™! This handmade cat toy is 15 inches of pure catnip fun guaranteed to give any cat hours of enjoyment to squeeze, roll, lick and bunny-kick. Lemme tell you a little bit about the Kitty Kick Stix™ and [read more]

Mar 202017
FroliCat® Multi Laser Review and Giveaway

Hey guys. Ernie here. Y’know, I love chasing the red dot. But I never get to do it as much as I like to because I have to rely on the mom to supply the dot and she never seems to want to play when I do. So when we received this new interactive “red [read more]

Feb 122017
Easy E's Valentine Selfie Sunday

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, I decided to show some love to my Yeowww nip heart and take a selfie with it. Not only does it smell niplicious…it makes a pretty good pillow, too. I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the Hop or to see other [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Feb 152015
Easy E Sunday

Grrrrrr…kill it…kill it…kill it… chomp…chomp…kill it…grrrrrrrr…. Huh?  Whazzat?!? Okay…I’ll stop long enough to have my picture taken. How’s this? Now can I get back to killing my Sukiroo toy?? Hey, everybuddy…make sure you visit us tomorrow. It’s a special day for one of us here! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Dec 262014
Finally!  Our Secret Paws!!

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie and Wally here. We hope you all had a great Christmas!  We sure did. That’s because on Christmas morning, we finally got to open our Secret Paws package. Just look at all these shiny presents! And what was inside? The bestest selection of Sukiroo cat toys and primo catnip a cat could [read more]

Jul 012014
Tuesday Toysday

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here! Me and Wally are playing with one of our favorite toys…the Neko Fly! Who do you think will deaded it first? Thanks to everybuddy who came by yesterday for our Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball chews giveaway.  We’ll be sending 2 packages of the chews to: Amy J Marg Judi Dma [read more]