Easy E Sunday

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Jan 122014
Easy E Sunday

I’m taking it easy today just watching the snow melt.  Has the weather been wacky or what? Just a few days ago we were in the deep freeze with about a foot of snow on the ground.  Now, it’s warmer…temperatures above freezing…and it rained yesterday!  It’s a slushy mushy mess outside! Sheesh…Mother Nature…make up your [read more]

Feb 152009
Easy E Sunday - Go Away Snow!

Just a few days ago, the weather was nice… it was warmer and the sun was shining… We thought we’d turned the corner and spring was on the way! Then yesterday we woke up to this! YUCK!!  More snow!!! And it hasn’t gone away!! Hey, Mother Nature!  Make up your mind!! Wake me when that white stuff [read more]