Mar 212024

Dear Mother Nature,

I have a bone to pick with you. Y’know…spring has officially arrived but you’d never know it based on the weather we’re having. It’s freezing outside! And they say we’re gonna get some of the white stuff, too. What the fluff?!? Spring means sunshine and flowers…not snow! Just a week ago, you teased us with warm temperatures and sun. Now it’s back to the cold again.

I’m tired of this roller coaster weather you’re giving us. You better get it together soon, Mother Nature. Until then, I remain in my heated bed.

Ernie sleeping in his cat bed

Your friend…for now but not for long if things don’t change,



  28 Responses to “A Letter to Mother Nature”

  1. And in your heated bed you shall remain, dear Ernie, considering the weather pattern. Dad said he’d been working outside in just a t-shirt (and pants, of course) over the past few days, and when he came downstairs to drain the coffee maker this morning and saw the “27” on the thermostat he wanted to turn around and get right back under the covers. Baby.

  2. Quite right to complain, Ernie. We of course have had endless rain since last October, but, it is just beautiful today so we are not complaining just at this very moment.

    The Chans

  3. Ernie, thank cod you have your heated bed to stay warm when that mother nature lady pulls these not so funny tricks on us

  4. It’s definitely a ‘what the fluff?’ time of year, Ernie!

  5. The heated bed is the best place to be with Mother Nature’s shenanigans!

  6. That looks like the purrfect place to wait out Mother Nature!

  7. yoo tell em ernie!!!!

  8. You’re a bit young to remember Ernie, but there was a commercial long ago that advised: ‘It’s not good to mess with Mother Nature”.

    Enjoy your warm bed sweetie!

  9. We heard 2 or more inches of that white messy stuff…blah! Today we do have *some* sun, but its way cold and windy. Its always a battle between winter and spring until spring finally wins…lets hope its a short battle this year!

  10. You tell her, Ernie!! We got 4 inches of snow last night, today is windy and cold, and they’re saying 6-12 inches of snow on Saturday. Mother Nature needs to be put in a time out! 🙂

  11. I agree Ernie! This weather has been a real roller coaster ride!

  12. Very smart to keep your heated bed plugged in a little while longer!

  13. I know how you feel Ernie. One day it was Spring weather and now we have snow. It’s not fair. Stay comfy in your heated bed.

  14. Totally agree, Ernie! We hardly even had a winter this year, and now that’s it’s spring, we’re supposed to get a foot of snow on Saturday! HISS!!!

  15. That was a very polite rant and we totally agree Ernie!

  16. RITE ON Ernie!!!! Pawtastick letter to Mother Nature!!!
    Wee have 5 inchess of stew-pid cold snow. An any wet foodabullss wee put out fore Luna an Charlotte end up freezin…CATFISH!
    Where ISS Spring inndeed!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum
    Pee S: May mee tellyport over sn snuggell with you inn yore heeted bed pleese?

  17. Oh, dear Ernie, you tell her!!! How we would love to stroke that beautiful fur and be near you for just a few minutes. Such a sweet photo of you lolling on your hotbed! Much love from Loulou’s family.

  18. Oh, Ernie, you are so right! We, too, are having ups and downs with the weather. Yesterday was warm, but overcast – and then it rained during the night. Now the Weather Prophets are saying We are in for a cold and pawssibly rainy weekend. We wish We had a heated bed – but We think snuggling up with Mummy should do the trick – for Her too (MOL).
    Have a lovely weekend anyway.

  19. I feel about the same here as well Ernie. We can and have gotten snow up through the first two weeks of April.

  20. Very sorry you’re seeing white stuff over there. I’ll send you some our sunshine!

  21. It’s the day after ~ trust you’ve not left, or have returned to that cozy, heated bed. For our weather on the phone seems to say that yes, so sorry, but the snow may be falling, falling, falling down all ’round.
    Don’t look out the window …

  22. White stuff here today too. Mum has been out to give the fevvers food and clear off the driveway.

  23. Yikes, Ernie! I’d have weather complaints, too. Ours is perplexing enough, with lots of plants blooming and cold rain today!

  24. When it gets the hots in a few months, you will enjoy remem”brring” today. MOL!

  25. This up and down weather is the pits, Ernie. It seems like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are having a disagreement right now.

  26. Mother Nature is being stingy with her warmer weather. Hopefully you won’t need your heated bed much longer.

  27. Thank Cat for heating beds, Ernie 😀 Extra warm Pawkisses just for you 🙂 ♥

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