Easy E Sunday

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Jan 242010

Come a little bit closer…
almost gotcha!!!

Hey!!  Check out my mom’s slippers!!

 Personally, I think if they wanted a cool cat…
they shoulda put my picture on them!!!

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  1. OOOH…those are pawsome slippers. Our Mom wants them!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    We are jeaolous.
    Madi and Mom

  3. How cute! 🙂
    It made us smile a lot!

  4. I agree Ernie, but you match the slippers so you wouldn’t be able to see you! That extra toe sure gives you an edge on grabbing stuff, doesn’t it!
    your pal,

  5. Mamabug LOVES the slippers!!!!!

    And we all loved the pic of Ernie’s paws reaching for them. Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friends. :)))

  6. I agree with you, but those are awfully cute!

  7. Those are great slippers! The cat on the slippers is cool, but you are an even cooler cat. Perhaps you can walk on, sit on, and nap on your mom’s slippers so your mom’s slippers have an even cooler cat on them.

  8. Love that first picture!…Cute slippers, but you’re right, Ernie=they would be even cooler with your picture on them!!

  9. those are groovy slippers. and obviously, quite attackable.

  10. Those are some really great slippers!

  11. We love those slippers! And mam better be careful the bed has paws to attack them! MOL!

  12. Love your Mom’s slippers! You almost got her toes, a few more inches…

    Have a nice Sunday friends!

  13. Ah yes, I see the obvious design flaw in the slippers! The background should have been leopard print and the cat should have been black. What were they thinking?!

    Nigel and I are ready to join you Ernie in protest!

  14. Ernie, you should be on those slippers. Panthers are the coolest of all cats. I know that’s true.

  15. Neato slippers but yeah shouldnt our moms to faithful to us….your mom should have island cats on those

  16. Our mom wants those for her birthday next month! But in our books, Ernie, you are the cool cat!

  17. Mai agree. Ernie slippers would be gud… But do dem slippers come in Whitey? ‘Coz mai likes dem.

  18. Oh my!! That is the cutest slippers!!!!! I would want one too!!

  19. Ernie, your mom has some cool slippers, but you need to grab harder to get them!

  20. LOL! Those slippers are very cool; we’ve never seen anything like them!

  21. whose giant paws could those be??? Aw of course, it’s Ernie

  22. We think they’re pretty cool slippers!

  23. Mom says they are the cats meow!!!! We like Ernie’s slipper feets too!=^Y^=

  24. We love those slippers!!!!

  25. Those slippers are adorable! We love it!

  26. Nice slippers! Great job catching them.

  27. Ernie,

    You’re right; you are way more cool than that lady cat on the slippers. But, have to admit, she’s looking pretty smart.

  28. Those are pawsome slippers! Our mommy wants some now! If you were on them Ernie, we’d only see your handsome eyes.

  29. They are cute slippers, but you would look better!

  30. HAHA! I LOVER you feeties!! And Tommy loves your Mom’s sleepers!! Too cute, and YOU should have been on them!!!


  31. How cute is that? I just love Ernie’s paws coming out from under the bed to snag your slipper. Such a hoot!

  32. Neato slippers.

  33. Great slippers! They are *almost* as cute as you, Ernie. Almost.

  34. I love seeing your giant paws poking out from under the bed Ernie 🙂

  35. Nice sneak attack, Ernie!:)

  36. Mommy wants those slippers – srsly.

  37. Those slippers are neato! We’d like to grab that cat’s tail:)

  38. Very cool slippers 😉

  39. Great slippers ~ but we agree ~ they’d be even betterer wiv yoor pic on them!

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