Jan 252010

So what toy do you wanna play with today, Wally??

Well, Ernie…since there’s no one around
to turn on Undercover Mouse,
we gotta play with the Turbo Track…

Ernie, you’d think with those big feets of yours
you’d learn how to turn this on…

But I wanted to play
with the Turbo Track all along!!


 Hey!!  It’s official!!
We’re members of the Naughty Kitty Club!!


And we got our badges to prove it!!

  51 Responses to “ManCats – Playtime”

  1. Turbo track!! Can I goes over and plays?

  2. Wally and Ernie Madi says to keep the light on she’ll be over as soon as she finds a seat on the air plane. She wants to come play with you two you have amazing toys. Congrats on your membership into the Naughty Kitty club although we are positive you are never naughty.
    Enjoy your day,
    Madi and Mom

  3. These toys look very fun!

  4. Ooh, that turbo track looks awesome! We’ve heard that the undercover mouse breaks easily, doesn’t stand up to a multiple-cat household. Might be why our human won’t buy it for us. But maybe she’d go for the turbo track, if we suck up…er, ask nicely. Have fun!

  5. Congrats on being naughty kitties! We like your new turbo track!

  6. We wanna come over and plat with your cool toys!

  7. Ernie, I like a mancat who knows what he wants!

  8. Welcome to the club!

    We’re not sure you’re supposed to play with the turbo track like that.

  9. Leia ALWAYS votes for the T Track! And concatulations on your membership.

  10. so many choices…

  11. Concats on your new club membership. We tried to join, but somehow got lost in the shuffle…..or we were determined too old…..MOL….besides which, we’re now Honorary Island Cats which is the really important thing.

    We wanna come and play with you today!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  12. Looks like fun at your house today, you cool Naughty Kitties!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. We may have to try out the turbo track, now that we see how much fun it can be! Congrats on your membership to the NKC.

  14. I’m sure you will figure out how to turn on the Undercover Mouse…but Turbo Track looks fun too! Okay Naughty ones…get ready to rumble!

  15. Congrats on being naughty Kitties! I am intrigued by undercover mouse.

  16. Congratulations to you Naughty Kitties from all of us Good Cats!

    It works out well that each of you has his own toy to play with.

  17. Those toys look fun! The undercover mouse looks fun even when it isn’t turned on. xoxo

  18. Hee hee. You guys always make me laugh. Wally, I love that pic of you pawing at the mouse. You guys got some great toys. Mama wonders if we would play with those. The only way to find out is spend money.


  19. You are all very lucky to have such fun games in your house!

  20. Turbo Track!!
    wow, looks very exciting toy!!!
    Amanda only has a small “crazy circle” toy,, she is very jealous with you!

  21. Scylla may be a grumpy sister but she is very clever and can turn things on. We hopes you had fun playing with your toys.

  22. That’s a different kind of Turbo Track! You sure do have a lot of neato toys!

  23. So many neat toys! Congratulations on being official naughty kitties.

  24. OK…we will be right over to play since we have to be careful about our toys because of, you know who….(ICE)………….Knock, knock, knock (=^Y^=)

  25. We like to play turbo track, too. The 4 year old grand son took it apart and we were not happy but our Dad put it back together so we could play!

  26. YAY!!! Welcome to The Naughty Kittie Club!!! Loving your post today! So silly!

  27. Our Turbo Track is one of our favorite toys! Crikey likes to put an extra ball in ours:) ~Tristan

  28. Those toys look like fun. The turbo track looks very good for supporting your tail.

  29. Our toys are not moving either.

  30. I’m so totally on my way over for a play day…

  31. Those are some neat toys, you guys! Can we come over and play?

  32. WOW!!! What great toys. Super Duper….

  33. Those look like fun.

  34. You two have great toys to play with. I am sure you could turn the Undercover Mouse on if you want to.

    But you are not naughty kitties….not really.

  35. That turbo track looks like tons of fun. Congrats on being naughty and proud!

  36. Turbo track! I thought it was a mini-pool! We are naughty kitties too 🙂

  37. Congratulations on being naughty! We like that your Turbo track has a kitty-sized spot for kitty to sit in the middle.

  38. You two dudes have all the cool toys! Can we come and play?

  39. For Naughty Kitties, you’re certainly behaving well today! Yes, you’ll have to demand they turn on the Undercover Mouse before they leave — or else you’re out of luck and stuck with the Turbo Track. Well, at least Ernie doesn’t mind.

    Ernie’s on the LOLSpot.

  40. What pawsome toys! Concatulations on becoming official naughty kitties!

  41. those toys luk lyk fun.

  42. I’m pretty sure I need a Turbo Track. Until I get one, can I come over and play with you?

  43. Talk about spoiled for choice!:)

  44. These toys looks like a lot of fun! Wow, that turbo track must be great. We come to play with you!

  45. You have so cool toys!I would love to be there and play with you!
    purrs and love

  46. I really like your turbo track!!!


  47. Toys, toys, toys….decisions, decisions, decisions! I think I’ll take a nap now cuz all this commotion has made me sleepy!
    your pal,

  48. Those are cool toys! Congratulations on becoming Naughty Kitties!

  49. We LOVE both those games. Except our undercover mousie game is dad’s hand moving under a blankie. He thinks we don’t know it’s him ~ but we do!

    Welcome to the NKC ~ it’s great!

  50. Hello, Island Cats!
    We 9 are islanders too – we live on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
    We love to play with our undercover mouse and so far we’ve broken only one of the sticks. But that’s ok because Pat bought four extras!
    We also have TWO fling-ama-string toys.
    But when the batteries give out, we have to tell Pat to replace them!
    We think Pat should get us a Turbo Track!

  51. Wow! You have many fantastic toys.

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