Jan 222010

Y’know, the orange-stripey cat’s nip tomato
makes a pretty good pillow…

  52 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Pillow Talk”

  1. Ya know, we were purrty sure it was a tomato, but our silly mom calls it an apple. She’s silly! We love our nip tomato too!

  2. wow… a toy for naps AND fun? sounds great!

  3. What a great pillow! We’ve never seen a catnip tomato. Or apple, for that matter. We have lots of catnip toys and stuffies, but nothing for a pillow! Boy oh boy, our mom better get off her duff and find us one…or three.

  4. I think I’d rather whap it and bunny kick it!

  5. Zoey…and sleeping on it is also a good way to make sure it is always near by when you need it.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Great picture, Zoey=love the belly shot!!

  7. Great picture! We wish we had a nip tomato to use as a pillow!

  8. It’s like a big red pillow!

  9. it’s almost as if the tomato/pillow is talking to you.

  10. A multi-tasking toy!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. A good pillow is a thing of wonderousness.

  12. Awww…that looks snuggly. We have a nip lemon.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. What a beautiful girl you are, Zoey. xxxxxxxx

  14. You got the best of both worlds…nip & a pillow. Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

  15. A pillow filled with nip? What could possibly be better?

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  16. MOL!!! Looks super comfy, and the bonus is there’s nip in it!

  17. That looks very comfy fluffy pillow!!! with cat nip in it?!?! what a dream!!!

  18. That tomato looks mighty comfy!

  19. A ‘nip TOMATO??!! Even mama is drooling!

  20. WE can see that! Neat tomato.

  21. That wonderful tomato does make a great pillow. And also you have it under control so no one else can get it. What a terrific toy.

  22. You do look like you’re enjoying yourself ^,,^

  23. Does the orange-stripey cat know yoo’ve got it? just askin’!

  24. You say tomato, we say tomaaato….

    We has one of those too but we can’t find it. We also have the lemon and cigar and candy cane.

  25. Looks like you have a great toy and pillow.

  26. A nip pillow sounds heavenly. Does it help you sleep too?

  27. We gots the nip tomato too…all our nip fruit came from SuppliesJust4Pets…and there’s a whole bag of four plus extra nip on sale for $12.99. We love it.

  28. And – just what is that tomato whispering into your ear☺

  29. That toy has duel purpose.. Have a good weekend.. Love GJ xx

  30. Apple, tomato, shmato! who cares? It still looks like a furry good pillow. Jus be sure da orange stripey cat doesn’t catch you wif it, or mebbee fur will fly.

  31. You are a lovely kitty. I love the the red bits of color on your tummy and toes!! How unique!


  32. What a fun picture. Have a great weekend.

  33. You look so cute sleeping on a nip pillow!

  34. Now that’s what we call a pillow! We like red.

    Zoey, your tummy looks just like our Jonny’s!

  35. Nice pillow, until that orange cat wants it back!

  36. Catnips anything is great

  37. We say anything with a little nip makes everything comfortable. You are really pretty. I hope the orange cat wont take it away, maybe he will share.

    Peanut and Marshmellow

  38. You have a nip tomato?! That’s pawsome! We have a nip pumpkin over here… but that’s a Halloween toy.

  39. That will irritate the Orange Stripey cat… that wasn’t your plan was it Zoey?

  40. A nip tomato looks like the purrfect pillow!

  41. That looks super comfy!

  42. This picture is so sweet, you found a lovely pillow, I liked it!

  43. You are supposed to PLAY with it silly!!!

  44. Silly us. We thought it was your cell phone!

  45. What a cute picture! I wonder what Wally will do when he see’s that picture of you using his tomato as a pillow.

  46. Zoey, your such a beautiful kitty. Wally and Ernie are handsome too.
    Thanks for stopping by our site to visit. Your kind words were so comforting.
    This week has been a very sad week. Im one of these people that have a hard time letting go. I’ve lost 4 cats in the last year. Its been really hard. I’ve lost 25lbs. right now Im really skinny. Need to gain some weight.
    I’ve been praying alot too. I know with the Lords help I will get through this hard time. It met alot to me that you took the time to leave a comment.
    Im not computer savvy so I know my site is a little boring.It just makes me feel better to blog about my kitties though. Thanks for coming by. I do have some happy blogs on there though.My Ragdoll is a hoot.You need to read some of his stories. (Marley) Later

  47. Oh yeah!! What a wonderful pillow that is! The best kind of pillow is a nip pillow!

  48. Cool pillow! Now try that with a real tomato and the humans goes ARRRGGGH instead of AAAHHHH.

  49. For some reason we want to call you Miss Tomato Head, Zoey:)

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