Jun 192012

Today is International Box Day!

(This is a re-run of our International Box Day post from 2009.)


We love being in them…




  On them…



And under them…


We even love playing with them…


We’ve never met a box we didn’t like!!!


  40 Responses to “International Box Day!”

  1. Oh boy! Now I know what to get you for Christmas! Boxes!


  2. MOL I think you are all Boxers in Feline bodies….aka Best of both worlds.

    Ernie well done on getting your handsome self flat enough for first box.
    Hugs Madi

  3. How did you manage to get more than one box – our Mum is seriously depriving us and now we can show her the proof. She told us there was a shortage of boxes worldwide!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Me neither. I LOVE boxes. Mom had already helped me with my blog when she remembered box day. She oughtta be fired is all I can say!

  5. What a coincidence. We love boxes too! Hee hee

  6. We love boxes too. We’re hissed off at mom for forgetting to post a box post today…sigh. Can we come to your house to play?

  7. you made me wanna start playing with boxes.

  8. We kitties have decided we would like to have a whole room full of boxes. You all look like you are having so much fun!

  9. ooooh! A box TENT! Gotta have Mommy make one of those…

  10. A box of any size is a wonderful toy!

  11. You guys are obviously the Jedi Box Masters! Boxes – you will play in!

  12. The Best Toy.. a Box!!
    Happy Tuesday,
    ~ The Bunch

  13. You really like your boxes. Boxing shouldda been an O-Lympic event, I think.

  14. Hooray for boxes, and I love yours!

  15. Great boxes. WE can see that you really love them!

  16. Happy International Box Day! My boys love box too and especially one of them is so in love that he has to check out every single box. I love the photo of Wally on the box 🙂

  17. Mom forgot this box day!!! Come back by for more Chica stories!

    Cats of widlcat woods

  18. Is there such a thing as a box a cat won’t like?

  19. Happy Box Day, sweet friends!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Hahah! Lovely!

  21. I agree – there is no such thing as a bad box!

  22. We like boxes too! But guess what? Mommy threw away all our boxes just a week ago! Arrrghhhhh. Something about them being in horrible condition.

  23. Wow, so many possibilities, and boxes;-) I tell mom about it:-)

    Hugs from Pernille


  24. Excellent Box Day post! Happy Tuesday, kittehz. xoxo

  25. I think you three all have box fetishes! Never met a box you didn’t like, huh? I wonder if they have a therapy group for that.

  26. Happy International Box Day!! You have great boxes!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  27. Box here
    box there
    box everywhere!!
    We all love boxes.


  28. We loved all of you in the boxes, but we hafta admit we are quite impressed by Ernie in that flat one!

  29. Ernie, are you trying to flat pack yourself? You all have lots of great boxes.

  30. Pawsome! It’s like a regular box-o-rama at your house! 🙂

  31. You guys are true box aficionados! Happy box day!

  32. Hey! We love all boxes too! And flashbacks, so we doubly loved your post. We thought Ernie would definitely climb in that box and had the tools to do it with all those extra toes.

  33. Wow! Me loves reruns!

  34. Aw, geez, a rerun??? Well, it was a pretty good little movie, but I was afraid that box was gonna eat your head, Ernie.

  35. Oh how much fun is the int’l box day. We should do it even if we’re late.

  36. Oh Mister Wally, we do love the one of your tum!

  37. MOWZERS! Boxes, boxes everywhere! We wanna come lives wif you!

  38. We love boxes too! They are our favorite!

  39. We love, love, LOVE boxes!!! It looks like you guys do, too! 🙂

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