Apr 192017
What's That Wally Doing?

It’s time to announce the winner of the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby! The winner was determined by the following formula: 30% – the popular vote, 25% – votes from 2 non-Cat Scouts-affliated judges and 45% – votes from a Celebrity Judge. This year’s celebrity judge was none other than the Cat Daddy himself…Jackson Galaxy! How pawsome [read more]

Nov 242014
Mancats - It's Alive!

Hey Ernie!  I swear…I just saw my Zoey blanket* move! (*I call it my Zoey blanket because it has the same coloring as Zoey, don’tcha think?) Are you sure, Wally?  It’s probably your imagination. I dunno, Ernie…I saw something. I better make some biscuits on it. My ever-so-sharp claws will make sure it’s deaded. And [read more]

Aug 152012
What's That Wally Doing?

It’s my obsession…my Zoey blanket.  That’s what I call this faux furry fabric.  As many of you mentioned before, it looks a lot like Zoey…and y’know what?  Your’re right!  Same coloring and long-furred.  But I prefer my Zoey blanket to the real Zoey.  I love sitting here for what seems like hours making biscuits on it…and purring up [read more]