Oct 292012
Mancats - World Series Sadness

Well, kitties…our Detroit Tigers didn’t win the World Series.  They played more like baby kittens than tigers.  Though they showed some life in the last game…it just wasn’t enough.  🙁  Those darn San Francisco Giants beat the Tigers four in a row.  RATS!! Looks like we’re gonna hafta swallow our pride and go over and congratulate [read more]

Oct 242012
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey Kitties!  Guess what??!?  Our Detroit Tigers are going to the World Series!  Whoohoo!  They’ll be playing those San Francisco Giants.  It’s gonna be no contest, kitties.  Because y’know giants may be big, but they’re pretty clumsy.  And tigers are quick and ferocious and have big teefs!!  You know the Big Cats are gonna win!! So [read more]