Apr 082019
Working on the Catio

Ernie! Why are you under the bed? There’s strange worker guys in the house, mom. You know I don’t like strangers. I’m hiding from them. But Ernie…you should be happy that those guys are here. Why? Because they’re working on the 3-season room…fixing it up and painting it. What the heck is a 3-season room? [read more]

Oct 242018
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. Whew…I’m exhausted! And lemme tell you why. There’s been painter guys here for the past week and I’m the only one around here who snoopervised them. That Zoey hid under the covers and Ernie, the scaredy cat, hid under the bed the entire time they were here. But not me…I didn’t hide. I [read more]

Undercover Cat

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Oct 192018
Undercover Cat

Hi everybuddy. Sorry if I sound kinda muffled…but I’ve been spending most of my time the last few days under the covers. Why you ask? Because there’s strange worker guys doing some painting in our house and making lots of noise and stuff and I don’t like it one bit! I told the lady with [read more]

Mar 152017
What's That Wally Doing?

There’s worker guys in the room down below. The mom says they’re painting. I wanna go down there and help them but the mom won’t let me. I don’t know why…I know those worker guys need snoopervising…and I’m a great snoopervisor. I have lots of experience. Like when the living room was being painted. I [read more]

Jun 082012
Formerly Feral - I'm Hiding

There’s gonna be some strange worker guys in my house today.  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re putting the new carpeting in the family room.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys.  They make way too much noise and it scares me! I’m staying under here until they’re gone!  Let me know when [read more]

Jun 132011
Mancats - Noisy Weekend!

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here!! This past weekend we had some exciting stuff happening in our ‘hood! First this big truck with machines showed up along with some worker guys. Turns out they came to cut down our neighbor’s big tree. See it there??  Of course, I had to snoopervise the work!! The worker guys made lots of noise! You can tell from [read more]

Jun 112010
Formerly Feral - Hiding

There’s been some strange worker guys in my house the last couple of days!!  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re working in the room down below fixing some stuff.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys!!  They make too much noise and it scares me! I’m staying under here until they’re [read more]

Mar 132009
Formerly Feral - Undercover

The lady with the yellow hair told me that those strange worker guys are almost finished with whatever they’re doing here.  Boy, am I glad!!!  I don’t like those strange worker guys here…they make too much noise and they scare me!!  When they’re here, I spend most my time under the covers on the bed…I feel safe there. [read more]

Mar 042009
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing? Those worker guys are still here.  They’ve been pounding and banging and making all sorts of noise!  I’ve been spending almost every minute of my daily 4 hours awake snoopervising them but I’ve gotta get some rest!  Snoopervising’s a lot of hard work, ya know!!  Think I’ll hide out hang out in [read more]