Aug 252011
Thursday in Our Garden

Yay!  It’s Garden Day!! ::meowwwwww:: So…what’s going on in our garden today, Wally? Looks like we got a visitor, Ernie! It’s our silly woofie neighbor, Tammy!  What’s she doing there, Wally?  I think she’s looking for a spot to leave us some pee mail, Ernie! Hey, Tammy!  That’s not the kind of fertilizer our plants need!! It looks [read more]

Jun 012009
ManCats - Our Neighbor

Hey, Wally…dontcha just love sitting in the window and watching what goes on in the neighborhood? Yeah, Ernie…hey look! It’s our woofie neighbor, Tammy!! Dontcha just love watching Tammy, Ernie? Yeah, Wally…she sure is entertaining! She barks at everything…and sometimes nothing!!  And, Ernie…how ’bout how she chases the evil squirrels but never catches them?? She’s a silly woofie!!! [read more]