Dec 152014
Santa Kitty Toy Hop

Ho ho ho everybuddy!  It’s me…Santa Wally here with Kris Kringle Ernie.  A few weeks ago, some of us blogging kitties and our humans got together and decided that we would do something special this holiday season to help the homeless kitties in our communities.  We would donate toys, treats and food to our local [read more]

Oct 172013
We Have a Winner!

Jeez, Ernie…calm down. But, Wally…I’m so excited! We’re announcing the winner of our “Win a Brick in the Winnie’s Wish Walkway” giveaway today! So go ahead and tell everybuddy who won, Tuna Breath. Okay!  First of all, let me explain how we picked the winner.   We had 47 comment entries and we assigned each [read more]