Jun 032019
Our New Window Seat

Hi guys! If you were wondering where I was sitting when I was watching the Swan Show yesterday, let me welcome you to our new window seat. Yeah, this may not be as nice as the one in our old house…that one was much bigger…but this one is okay. It’s the purrfect height for these [read more]

Sep 262018
Remembering Madi

Hey guys. Wally here along with Ernie. As most of you know, our good friend, Madi, ran off to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago. Though Madi had some health issues, her leaving really caught us by surprise and left us sad. Madi was a special kitty…a bit of a diva…but one thing [read more]

Feb 092015
Mancats - What Will the Neighbors Think?

Hi everybuddy!  Check out our new Coccolino Creations bed! This one was special made for us with some fabric the mom had. Our windowseat is the purrfect spot for it, too! Uh…what’re you doing back there, Ernie? Waiting for my turn in the new Coccolino bed, Wally. C’mon…move! Sorry, buddy, I might be awhile…I’ve got some bathing [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Sep 302012
Easy E Sunday

I’m taking it easy today.  I don’t really have much of a choice…you probably heard that I’m on “restricted activity” because of my back problems.  That means no playing, no THoE, no jumping, no fun at all!  It hasn’t been easy! I’m taking my medicine…my mom wraps it up in a yummy treat for me.  It’s [read more]

Apr 262011
Two Thinking on Tuesday

Hi everybuddy…Ernie here!  Me and Zoey are watching a little Bird TV and thinking ’bout our furiend and one of the Cat Blogosphere’s favorite divas, Sweet Praline, who went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We know she was sick, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to a special furiend like her.  We’re sure gonna [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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May 022010
Easy E Sunday

Oh, hi there! This is what I’m gonna be doing today… napping on the windowseat. Maybe I’ll look out the window a little too… gotta keep an eye on those birdies and evil squirrels, y’know.  And y’know what else I’ll be doing?? Purring for our furiend, Herman.   Herman hasn’t been feeling too good lately… but he’s [read more]