May 042018
Open Window Season and Games People Play Part 2

Yay! It’s open window season again and I’ve been getting in lots of window whiffies. Oh, I bet you’re all wondering why there’s a line of toys on the windowsill, right? No, they’re not there to partake of the window whiffies. The lady with the yellow hair puts them there for me to knock off. [read more]

Apr 102017
The Window-Hogger

This is a conversation that happened yesterday… What a great day it is today, Ernie! Finally…the sun’s shining…and it’s warmer. *sniff sniff sniff* Just smell that spring air. It’s smells SO sweet! I wouldn’ t know, Wally…you’re hogging the window all to yourself. Well, I was first up here, Ernie. You need to be a [read more]

Oct 192016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey! Look at me! It’s mid-October and I’m sitting in the window getting in some window whiffies. That’s not typical. But we’ve been having some great weather the past few days…warm and sunny…though it did get kinda cloudy yesterday. All the leaves are changing colors now, too.  My orange furs go really well with those [read more]

Aug 242016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy. Our weather has finally turned a little bit cooler which means one thing…THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN AGAIN! I’ve missed the fresh air SO much!  *sniff sniff sniff*  Not to mention, I can see what all the neighbors are up to now. Y’know…I am the neighborhood watchcat. Hey, next door guy! Whatcha doing over [read more]

Sep 302013
Mancats - Taking Advantage

Hey, everybuddy!  It’s me…Wally!  We’ve been having some nice weather lately here on the island…warm days and cool nights and loads of sunshine.  ‘Cept for yesterday when we got the clouds and rain.  But Mr. Sun is coming back today.  And we’re taking advantage of it by getting some early fall window whiffies in.   [read more]

Torbie Tuesday

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Sep 032013
Torbie Tuesday

I told the lady with the yellow hair that those boycats were hogging the blog and I demanded some more blog time.  My furiends and fans deserve to see more of me!  She just laughed and said “Zoey…your torbie-tude is showing.” But see?  It worked!  Here I am…enjoying some window whiffies. Y’know…sometimes a cat has [read more]

Aug 072013
What's That Wally Doing?

Well, since I’ve been banned from the mini-cat tree by Ernie…sheesh, don’t ever yak a hairball on one of his napping spots!…I thought I’d share a little window-whiffing time with my buddy, Mr. Moose. So whaddaya think, Mr. Moose?  Aren’tcha glad I brought you up here for some window time? We don’t need no stinkin’ [read more]