Apr 102017
The Window-Hogger

This is a conversation that happened yesterday… What a great day it is today, Ernie! Finally…the sun’s shining…and it’s warmer. *sniff sniff sniff* Just smell that spring air. It’s smells SO sweet! I wouldn’ t know, Wally…you’re hogging the window all to yourself. Well, I was first up here, Ernie. You need to be a [read more]

Jun 022014
Mancats - Waiting for the Window

Hi everybuddy. I’m laying here waiting for my turn in the window. Wally’s been hogging it. Hey Ernie!  I hope you’re comfortable on the floor… ’cause I don’t plan on moving anytime soon. See…I told ya…Wally’s a window-hogger. Y’know…I should jump up there and knock him outta there. But I am too comfy here to [read more]