May 072017
Easy E's Selfie Sunday with a Hangover

Hey guys. After a couple of days of rain, rain and more rain…seriously, we were thinking of building an ark…Mr. Sun finally showed his face this weekend. And I’m taking advantage of every second of it by getting on my easy here on the mini cat tree. For some reason, humans just don’t understand that [read more]

May 062017
Whisker #PMTphotohunt

Hi everybuddy. Y’know…we haven’t been participating in the weekly Picture Me This pet photohunt challenge started by A Tonk’s Tail as much as we would like to. We hate to admit it but some of the words are *whispering* kinda hard to come up with pictures to go along with them. Though others have done [read more]

Whisker Saver

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Jun 172016
Whisker Saver

Hi everybuddy.  I’ve got something to show you today.  See these?  Do you know what they are? If you said whiskers, you’d be right.  More specifically, my whiskers…ones that I’ve shed normally over time. So why am I showing you all these whiskers?  Well, lemme tell you.  The lady with the yellow hair saves my [read more]

Apr 012011
Formerly Feral - Whisker Winner!

Hi everybuddy!  I’m so excited because I get to announce the winner of our WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE contest!!  But first…here’s WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE!! Ernie’s was pretty obvious, don’tcha think??  And yeah…mine was the two-colored one with the curl.  The orange stripey cat had the boring, all white one.  And don’t worry…the lady with [read more]

Mar 292011
Whose Whisker Is Whose?

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here!! Hey!!  We’re having a contest!!  Guess WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE!! Here’s a picture of 3 from each of us…Wally, Zoey and me.  All you gotta do is guess which whisker belongs to which one of us.  Just leave your answer in the comments. We made it REAL easy (or at least we think [read more]