Jun 232017
Flashback Friday - Whap That String Toy

Hi everybuddy! I was looking through some older pictures and videos, and I found this video of me playing with my string toy. I may have shared this with all of you before, but it’s worth watching again. I think I’ve got some excellent whapping moves. So grab some nip popcorn, get comfy and enjoy! [read more]

Nov 182011
Formerly Feral - A Demonstration

Today, I’m gonna show all of you how I kill…er, I mean, play with my string mousie! First, I give him a little whap…not too hard… I wanna give him a false sense of security. Then, as he comes by on the rebound… I grab him!  And begin to put the bitey on him!! But string mousie thinks he [read more]

Dec 032010
Formerly Feral - My String Toy

So the lady with the yellow hair is a little upset with me.  Y’see, I keep chewing on the string part of my string toy.  I chewed right through it…not once, not twice, not even three times…but FOUR times!!  And I’m thinking about doing it again!  I can’t help myself!!  That string is just asking [read more]

Jun 262009
Formerly Feral - Whapping Strength

Remember my string toy??  It’s one of my favorites. This is the movie that won me my Acatemy Award from Fin. I thought you’d all enjoy seeing it again…  Oh yeah!  I love whapping that string toy!! But after all that whapping, my poor string toy ends up like this…   Guess I don’t know my own [read more]

Feb 202009
Formerly Feral - The Acatemy Awards!

In honor of the Academy Awards this Sunday, our furiend Fin is having her own version called The Acatemy Awards celebrating the achievements of cats in film.  Here’s our entry for the Acatemy Awards! “Whap That String Toy” is an action-packed blockbuster starring our own former feral, Zoey!  Watch how Zoey jumps and rolls and [read more]