Aug 222014
Goodbye, Sparkle

Sparkle the Designer Cat Yesterday, the world became a little less bright. That’s because a very special kitty…Sparkle…left it. Sparkle was an icon in the Cat Blogosphere…an inspiration to all us blogging kitties.  We learned so much from her.  We’ll miss her wisdom, her wit and her sarcasm.  But most of all, we’ll miss all [read more]

Oct 292012
Mancats - World Series Sadness

Well, kitties…our Detroit Tigers didn’t win the World Series.  They played more like baby kittens than tigers.  Though they showed some life in the last game…it just wasn’t enough.  🙁  Those darn San Francisco Giants beat the Tigers four in a row.  RATS!! Looks like we’re gonna hafta swallow our pride and go over and congratulate [read more]

Sep 212012
Formerly Feral - Ham-mick Time!

The weather’s been cooler.  Summer’s going and fall’s coming. You know what that means, don’tcha? It’s ham-mick time! I wanna thank everybuddy for the purrs, purrayers, and good thoughts for me regarding my non-pooping situation.  I’m happy to report that my train pulled into the station a couple of times this week so the medicines must be helping.  [read more]

May 242012
We Has a Sad

We has a sad.  Our sweet furiend, Parker, from Perfectly Parker is going to the Rainbow Bridge today.   Parker was one of the first furiends we made when we started blogging.  She has been sick with the evil “C” for some time.  But now she is so tired, and has told her mom it’s time for her [read more]

May 092012
What's That Wally Doing?

I was gonna post something funny today, but then I heard that our furiend, Fin…aka Finny De Floof…from Housecat Confidential had gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  It made me very sad and I don’t feel like being funny now. Fin was one of our first furiends when we started blogging.  We loved her and the funny, [read more]

Apr 262011
Two Thinking on Tuesday

Hi everybuddy…Ernie here!  Me and Zoey are watching a little Bird TV and thinking ’bout our furiend and one of the Cat Blogosphere’s favorite divas, Sweet Praline, who went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We know she was sick, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to a special furiend like her.  We’re sure gonna [read more]

Nov 072010
Not So Easy E Sunday

Hi, everybuddy!  Ernie here. Today’s not such an easy day…   Our cousin Rusty went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and we’re very sad.   Rusty lived a long, happy life…nearly 20 years!!   We know he’s at the Bridge playing with his brother Grady once again. But we’re gonna miss him. Godspeed, Rusty!   Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Sep 222010
What's That Wally Doing?

I was gonna post something funny today… but then I heard that our furiend Sniffie went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. And it made me sad and I don’t feel like being funny now. Sniffie and the rest of the Florida Furkids were some of the first cats we met when we started blogging.  We’re sure gonna [read more]