Dec 262015
Our Secret Paws Finally Revealed!

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here.  We hope you all had a great Christmas! Remember our Secret Paws present under the tree?  Y’know…the one we didn’t get to open early?? We finally got to open it Christmas morning.  And inside were lots of presents…one for each of us…including the mom…and even one for the garden center cats, [read more]

Jun 082015
It's All About The Swag

Hey everybuddy.  For us cats, BlogPaws is all about the swag that the humans bring home.  I know you’re all waiting to see what’s in the bag, right? And here it is!  It’s not as much as last year.  And you wanna know why?  The mom gave away half of our swag before she came [read more]

Jun 172014
Two on Tuesday

So, didja enjoy your birthday yesterday, Wally? Yeah, I sure did, Ernie. The Cat Scouts threw my a Corvette-themed birthday party! Probably because I showed up at the drive-in movie we had the other night in the dad-guy’s old Corvette. Wally, I can’t believe the dad-guy let you drive his Corvette. Me either, Ernie.  Good thing [read more]

Thank You!

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Mar 122013
Thank You!

Hi ya, kitties!  Thanks for coming by yesterday and celebrating my Gotcha Day with me.   I had a great day!  But there was one thing bugging me.  A couple of days before my Gotcha Day, this came in the mail. Hey, PetSmart!  I got a bone to pick with you!  Who the heck is Mistick and [read more]

Dec 302012
It's Our Blogoversary!

Happy 5th Blogoversary to Us! That’s right!  We’ve been blogging 5 whole years now!  Who woulda thunk it?  The best thing we ever did was hi-jack the blog from our mom and made it our own!! We’ve  sure had a lot of fun these past 5 years sharing our stories and pictures, and being part of [read more]

Jan 192012
Thankful for Award Thursday

Hey!  It’s me…Ernie!  The other day, our furiends from Holland, Lars and Odin over at Bengal Business, gave us this great award that they created. When we first saw it, we thought that it was supposed to say LIFE and that Lars and Odin made a BIG typo! 😮  But they told us that the award [read more]

Nov 242011
Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S….a day that we get to eat lots of turkey and watch footsball.  But it’s also a day to remember all the things we’re thankful for.  Us Island Cats have lots to be thankful for…here’s some of them… Sunpuddles that warm our furs!   Birdie and Bunny TV! A wrasslin’ [read more]

Dec 292010
What's That Wally Doing?

Happy Blogoversary to us!! That’s right!  It’s our 3RD BLOGOVERSARY!!  Little did we know 3 years ago when we started blogging, we’d still be doing this.  The best thing we did was hi-jack the blog from our mom and made it our own!!  At first, we didn’t get a lotta visitors…mostly family and mom’s friends.  But, [read more]

Nov 252010
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Today is Thanksgiving.  And besides being a day where we get some turkey and whipped cream, it’s a day to remember all the great things we have to be thankful for!  Here’s some of ours….  My ladder… and all the other nice comfy cozy napping spots we have! Da Bird… and all [read more]

Thankful Thursday

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Jun 172010
Thankful Thursday

Thank you to everybuddy that came by yesterday and wished me Happy Birthday!!  I hope you all enjoyed the fresh nip and treats!!  Thanks for bringing the ham, Chey!  It went really good with the cheese Lizzie and Connor brought!! I sure had fun day!  I gots lots of head scritches and my favorite stinky [read more]