May 122019
Easy E's Mother's Day Selfie with the Mom

Hi guys. Today is Mother’s Day here in the U.S. of A. So what better way to celebrate than to take a selfie with the mom.  Happy Mother’s Day, mom…you’re the best cat mom in the whole wide world! And to all the other cat and dog and bunny and whatever moms out there…Happy Mother’s [read more]

May 142017
Easy E's Mother's Day Selfie with The Mom

Today is Mother’s Day here in the U.S. of A. So I asked the mom to join me in my selfie. She usually doesn’t like to show her face…she’s likes to stay behind the scenes. So instead of behind the scenes, she got behind me for this selfie. I thought it was appropriate…and frameable, too. [read more]

Dec 072016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. Y’know, I’ve been spending a lot of my time recuperating in the master bedroom. So look what the mom did for me. She put this comfy blanket in the master bathroom right next to the hot air blowin’ thingy. Now, whenever the hot air starts blowing, I head for the blanket and get [read more]

Jan 242016
Easy E's Selfie Sunday and The Mom Update

Hey everybuddy!  Here’s an update on the mom.  She came home from the hospital place a couple of days ago.  She says everything went pretty good, all things considered.  She’s got a new hip now, but she’s still getting used it it and walking real slow.  And she’s walking with this big metal contraption with [read more]

Jan 182016
We're Taking a Break

Hey everybuddy.  Wally here along with Ernie.  We’re going on hiatus for a little while.  Our typist…aka the mom…is having surgery tomorrow to get a new hip.  Apparently the one she has now is worn out.  So since we aren’t very adept at using the ol’ laptop…we just like laying on it…we’re forced to take [read more]

Oct 132014
Mancats - Happy Birthday to the Mom

Hey, Ernie!  It’s the mom’s bithday today. She’s like a bazillion years old now. Yeah, Wally…that’s the only reason why I’m wearing this silly hat. Well, it’s virtual, Ernie…so you’re not really wearing it. I know, Wally…I wish those balloons weren’t virtual though. I’d like to sink my claws into them! Happy Birthday to the [read more]

Oct 132009
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Pssssst!!!  Hey, everybuddy!  Y’know what today is??  It’s our mom’s birthday!!  She doesn’t want us to make a big fuss about it but we wanna do something special.  So in celebration, we’re gonna have a commentathon!  For every comment left here today, we’re gonna donate 50 cents to an animal charity.  What charity, you ask??  Well, since Friday is National Feral [read more]