Oct 012017
Easy E's Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Wow, hard to believe but it’s already time for another Easy E’s Sunday here on the island. So here I am…sitting on the window seat…on neighborhood watch patrol. Yeah, that’s right…Zoey’s not the only watch cat around here. I take my watch cat duties very seriously. You can see how intensely I’m keeping [read more]

Jul 262017
What's That Wally Doing?

I am on WatchCat Duty. You never know when evil introoders will invade your yard…even in broad daylight. So I must be ever vigilant. Announcing the winner of our PetSafe® Drinkwell® 360 Stainless pet fountain giveaway! Congratulations to Teddy from Two Spoiled Cats! Teddy, you’re gonna love this fountain! Happy drinking to your good health! [read more]

Nov 122012
Mancats - Evil Squirrel Watch

Hey kitties!  Me and Wally are on Evil Squirrel Watch! I’m the eyes of this operation… keeping an ever vigilant watch for those introoding evil squirrels that dare to venture into our yard. And since I’ve got the opened window… (yeah, we got some nice weather!) I’m the nose! Those squirrels are out there…I can smell [read more]

Sep 132010
Mancats - Watch Cat

Okay, Wally…you sleep and I’ll watch for introoders.  Nothing’s gonna get by me…no evil squirrels or bunnies or neighborhood cats or vishus deers.  I’m gonna sit here and watch…and if I see an introoder, I’ll scare it off… Yessiree, Wally…don’t you worry…you just keep on sleeping…yep, I’ve got everything under control…I dare some introoder to come [read more]

Jul 022010
Formerly Feral - Watching

I’m doing a little neighborhood watching again.  Hmmmm…not much going on today.  I wish some birdies would fly by or something… Oh yeah, the lady with the yellow hair reminded me that I was born around this time of year…which makes me 3 years old now!!  But I don’t remember much about my early days…I think my life [read more]