Aug 272018
No Bath for Me

Wally, is there any reason why you have to lay right next to me and take a bath? This looked like as good a place as any, Ernie. *lickity lickity lickity* But I don’t wanna watch you take a bath. And I was here first. This is a pretty big room…why don’t you go somewhere [read more]

Feb 052018
It's Gonna Be A Long Wait

C’mon, Wally. You’ve been monopolizing that cube for days now. Get your butt outta there. I want in. Go away, Ernie. I’m not coming out for a long, long time. I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I’ll just take a little nap while I wait. You gotta come out sooner or later, Wally. You’re in [read more]

Jan 082018
The Things I Put Up With Around Here

Y’know…I don’t know how I always get myself into these predicaments. Wally weaseled his way in on my napping spot and now he’s taking up almost all of it. Look, he’s practically laying on top of me! And now he’s sound asleep…and I can’t move! Oh sure…I can move, but it would mean waking up [read more]

Nov 272017
Should I or Shouldn't I?

Hey guys. There’s nothing I wanna do more than to push Wally off of this chair. He’s always weaslin’ in on my napping spots and taking them over. I’m tired of it! I mean, look at this tiny bed…it’s not made for two cats like us. Ernie…I’ll tell you right now, if you know what’s [read more]

Nov 062017
Cleaning Day

C’mere, Ernie. You obviously have not been paying attention to your hygiene. You, my friend, need a bath. *lickity lickity lickity* Aw…c’mon, Wally…my hygiene is just fine. I was napping here. Leave me alone. No, Ernie…I will not leave you alone. Your head is a mess and needs a thorough cleaning. *lickity lickity lickity* Wally…you’re [read more]

Oct 232016
Easy E's Two-Headed Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. No, this isn’t some weird Halloween two-headed monster cat thing that me and Wally are doing. I was trying to take my selfie for today and Wally butted right in. Y’know…Wally does a lot of complaining about me invading his space. But don’t let all that whining fool you. All his talk about [read more]

Nov 022015
Getting Hung Up on the Details

Jeez, Wally…we got this big ol’ chair and you insist on sleeping pratically on top of me.  Move over! No, Ernie.  You’re forgetting something.  I was on this chair first.  Then you decided you had to be here, too, and squeezed yourself in thinking I would leave.  Well, I’m not leaving…and I’m not moving. Aw, you always [read more]

Jan 282013
Mancats - Trying to Nap

Thit thill, Ernie…I gotta get this one thpot. Knock it off, Wally…you’re getting my head all wet! Okay…well, then…how ’bout a headbutt? Hey!  Stop it, Wally! Can’t a mancat take a nap without being bombarded with baths and headbutts? I hope you’re done now, Wally! Just lay down and go to sleep…okay?? Aw, Ernie…you’re no fun. [read more]