Bad Whiskers Day

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Aug 162019
Bad Whiskers Day

Hi everybuddy. You know how humans talk about having bad hair days? Well, let me tell you what us kitties suffer from sometimes. Bad Whiskers Day. And today I’m having a Bad Whiskers Day. Just look at them! Whiskers are supposed to curve downwards. But look! I’ve got one that insists on going up. And [read more]

Mar 072014
Formerly Feral - Wacky Whiskers

Hi everybuddy.  Today I wanna talk about a condition that afflicts some of us cats. Yes…it’s the dreaded “wacky whiskers.”  I hate to admit it, but I suffer from this. Just look at my whiskers. They’re kinda curly and go in weird directions.  I don’t know why they do that. Do you have wacky whiskers, [read more]