Jul 022018
Non-Traditional Ways to Volunteer with an Animal Shelter or Rescue

Hi everyone. Island Cat Mom here…taking over the blog once again. The other day I was in PetSmart buying some kitty litter and a few other things. The shelter I volunteer with has a few cats in the adoption habitat at the store. I walked over and saw Perseous…one of the cats from our shelter…and said [read more]

Apr 252016
She Smells Strange

Hey Ernie…did you notice when the mom came home the other day…she smelled really strange.  She smelled like…dare I say it…STRANGE CAT! Yeah, Wally…I smelled it right away.  I wonder what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on, boys. Oh, hi mom.  So why have you been smelling like strange cat lately? I started [read more]