Jul 132023
Some Visitors in My Yard

Hey! You guys wanna see some recent visitors in my yard? You do?? Okay…let me show you. These mourning doves were taking a break from all their cooing and wooing by sitting on the deck rail. They’re probably pooping on it, too. Check out this egret who’s been hanging around this summer. He looks a [read more]

Aug 122021
Do You See What I See?

Hey guys! Nah, I’m not gonna start singing Christmas carols…though I bet this post title gives you an earworm. Do you wanna know what I was staring at outside so intensely? If you thought it was the geese…or the swans…or the ducks…or Alfred, the blue heron…you’d be WRONG! Here…let me show you… It’s a baby deer! [read more]

Silly Goose

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Apr 292019
Silly Goose

Hey guys. Lately, the mom has been calling me a silly goose. Seriously?? Do I look like one of these things?  I don’t have feathers! Or a long neck! I think someone needs to have her eyes examined. Speaking of geese, we had a surprise in our yard the other day. Baby geese! Yep, Mr. [read more]

Jun 222009
ManCats - A Unwanted Visitor

Over the past few days, we’ve had a few visitors.  In addition to momma duck (who, by the way, is back and is sitting on her nest), this bunny came to visit… Don’t even think about eating those begonias, bunny! And this baby robin… And this evil squirrel… Hey you, squirrel!  You’re lucky this door is between [read more]