Aug 122021
Do You See What I See?

Hey guys! Nah, I’m not gonna start singing Christmas carols…though I bet this post title gives you an earworm. Do you wanna know what I was staring at outside so intensely? If you thought it was the geese…or the swans…or the ducks…or Alfred, the blue heron…you’d be WRONG! Here…let me show you… It’s a baby deer! [read more]

Some Random Stuff

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Jul 152021
Some Random Stuff

Hi guys! How’s your week going? Good I hope. And if it’s not…the weekend is almost here! Today I have some more random photos for you…just stuff that’s been going on around here lately on the island. Here’s me in the sunroom watching the birdies fly around. They get really close to the house sometimes. [read more]

Jun 142010
Mancats - Make 'Em Laugh!

Whatcha doing, Ernie?? I’m on the lookout for those vishus deer, Wally… I’m gonna scare them away so they won’t eat the flowers and plants. I wanna scare the vishus deer away, too!! Okay, Wally…you gotta make yourself look real scary!! Wally, what the heck are you doing?!?? You don’t look scary!! Ernie, I gotta new plan!  Make ’em [read more]