Hiding Out

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Mar 032022
Hiding Out

You guys! Can you guess where I am? Can you? If you guessed under the bed…you’d be right. Wanna know why I’m under here? Do you? Because there’s been strangers in my house the past couple of days! The mom says they’re here painting. Well, you know how I feel about strangers. I don’t like [read more]

Apr 082019
Working on the Catio

Ernie! Why are you under the bed? There’s strange worker guys in the house, mom. You know I don’t like strangers. I’m hiding from them. But Ernie…you should be happy that those guys are here. Why? Because they’re working on the 3-season room…fixing it up and painting it. What the heck is a 3-season room? [read more]

Oct 292018
Under-the-Bed Sleeping Styles

Hey guys. Ernie here. A while back me and Wally showed you our different sleeping styles. Well, y’know what? Our under-the-bed sleeping styles are much the same. Me being an introverted sleeper, I like to stay mostly hidden…only letting my toesies peek out. By the way, those are my back toesies. While Wally, the extroverted [read more]