Oct 142014
Two on Tuesday

Hey everybuddy!  It’s me…Ernie.  It’s a typical Tuesday…or any day for that matter…here on the island.  Lookit me!  I scored the Coccolino bed for my nap!  But I don’t know how long it will last.  Wally looks like he’s sleeping pretty hard…but that could change any second.  The mom says thanks for all the birthday [read more]

Jun 172014
Two on Tuesday

So, didja enjoy your birthday yesterday, Wally? Yeah, I sure did, Ernie. The Cat Scouts threw my a Corvette-themed birthday party! Probably because I showed up at the drive-in movie we had the other night in the dad-guy’s old Corvette. Wally, I can’t believe the dad-guy let you drive his Corvette. Me either, Ernie.  Good thing [read more]

Nov 012011
Two on Tuesday

Well, I’m glad that Halloween is finally over, Zoey.  Aren’t you? Yeah, Ernie…there were so many trick or treaters and some of them were really scary! What’re you talking about, Zoey??  You didn’t even see any of them!  You hid in your room all night!! I saw them from the window, Ernie!  And you should talk!  [read more]

Aug 162011
Two On Tuesday Review

Hey Wally!  Did you notice that the sofa doesn’t smell? Yeah, Ernie!  That’s because mom sprayed it with Clean+Green Furniture Refresher! The nice people at Sea-yu, the makers of  the only eco-friendly aerosol pet cleaning products on the planet, asked us to try the Clean+Green Furniture Refresher and let everybuddy know what we think of it.  The Clean+Green Furniture [read more]