Nov 262015
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Wally! With the mom and dad-guy going somewhere else to have Thanksgiving dinner, this is as close as we’ll get to having turkey today. You’re right, Ernie. But you know my motto… If you can’t eat ’em… Play with ’em! I’ve never heard you say that before, Wally. When did that become your motto? Just [read more]

Nov 252011
We Got Turkey!

What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving?? We got turkey!! Check this out, Ernie!  We get the leavings!! Oh yeah, Wally!!  Turkey right off the bone!! I feel like one of the big cats in the wild! *Nom Nom Nom* Hmmpfff!  Those uncouth mancats! I’m more civilized and prefer mine from my bowl! Okay, okay…we’ll use a plate… Well, [read more]