Aug 082021
Easy E's Tunnel Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys! How’s it going? Can you guess where I am for this week’s selfie? If you said in my tunnel…you’d be right! I’ve been hanging out in here lately. Being that I’m a black cat and that it’s black inside here makes it really hard to see me. It’s a great hiding spot when [read more]

Jun 282020
Easy E's Tunnel Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. Y’know, I like to get creative with my selfie and not do the typical ones you always see. So today for Selfie Sunday, I took one using my tunnel. I put the camera at one end…set the selfie-timer…and then sat at the other end. And voila! Me looking through my tunnel! You can [read more]

Jul 252018
What's That Wally Doing?

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked out the ol’ tunnel. I wonder what’s new in here. Time for a closer inspection! Well, this is a bust. There’s nothing in here but a whole lotta nothing! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a fun box from Cat in the Box…your choice of the Mega Milk Carton [read more]

Jun 052017
Hiding in Plain Sight

Now where the heck did Ernie go? He was just here a minute ago. I’ve look everywhere and I can’t find him. It’s like he’s vanished into thin air. Anybuddy see him? Heh heh heh. Sometimes Wally’s just not that bright. But it helps being a black cat…I can hide in plain sight. What do [read more]

Mar 072016
Tunnel Fight

Looks like I have the upper paw in this fight, Ernie. Wally, you whap like a itty-bitty baby cat. It doesn’t hurt a bit. Oh really?? How do you feel about my bite? Ouch! Full disclosure:  No cat was hurt or suffered any injuries during the course of this tunnel fight…well, except for Ernie’s dignity…after having his [read more]

Jul 222015
What's That Wally Doing?

Sometimes I like to change things up and get into my tunnel through the side door. And now… announcing the winner of our Purrfect Play toy giveaway. Congratulations to Miss Connie from Tails of the Foster Kittens! You’ve won…or rather, the cats have won an assortment of Purrfect Play cat toys! Look for an email [read more]