Mar 132015
Formerly Feral - Don't Do It!

I know it looks really tempting but…don’t do it!  Don’t rub my belly.  I normally don’t like my belly rubbed…only when I say it’s okay.  And now is not okay.  Not unless you like to be bunny kicked.  I know it’s hard to resist…and if you give in to temptation…I’m not responsible for my actions. [read more]

Dec 052012
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey, kitties!  Y’know, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen my orange tummy goodness in all its glory.  So today, I’m giving you not one but TWO gratutious tummy shots!  Ahhhh…feast your eyes! But for this next shot, you younger kitties need to cover your eyes.  Yep, I admit, it’s a bit risque. Are your eyes covered, young’uns?  No peaking, now! There you [read more]