Torbie Tuesday

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Sep 032013
Torbie Tuesday

I told the lady with the yellow hair that those boycats were hogging the blog and I demanded some more blog time.  My furiends and fans deserve to see more of me!  She just laughed and said “Zoey…your torbie-tude is showing.” But see?  It worked!  Here I am…enjoying some window whiffies. Y’know…sometimes a cat has [read more]

Jun 052009
Formerly Feral - I'm a Torbie!

The lady with the yellow hair told me something interesting today.  She was reading about cats on the innernets and she said that with my furs colors, I’m not just a tabby cat…I’m a torbie!  A torbie’s a tortoiseshell with stripes!  Wow!  Does that make me special?!? And you know what  else?  I’ve got something called torbie-tude!  I got an opinion on everything and [read more]