Sep 122021
Easy E's Selfie to Make You Smile

Hey guys. After a pretty somber day yesterday with all the 9-11 memorial stuff going on…I think it’s time for something to make you all smile. So here’s another *BLEP* selfie of me. The sun shining on me sure feels good! So good it made me stick out my tongue to savor it! Are you [read more]

Jun 132021
Another Blep Selfie from Easy E

Hey guys! Are you ready for another blep selfie from me? Humans really like it when us cats…and dogs too for that matter…stick out our tongues a little bit. It makes them happy…they get all squeey and mushy and tell us how cute we are. Well, you know me…I aim to please! Besides, looking all [read more]

Jul 152019
Stick Your Tongue Out

Hey guys. If you want a lot of attention from your human and have them ooh’ing and ahh’ing…stick your tongue out. Just a little bit like this…and leave it out. Humans love this. I don’t know why…they just do. They think it’s really cute. But be prepared to have the camera shoved in your face because [read more]

Oct 112017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey! You guys wanna see me do something funny? Of course you do! *SLURP* There ya go! Did that make you laugh?? And now…announcing the winner of our Petmate® Jackson Galaxy™ Kitty Zip Mat. Congratulations to Marg from Marg’s Animals! We know all the kitties are gonna love this mat/tunnel…so much so, we hope there’s [read more]

May 292016
Easy E's Silly Selfie Sunday

Hey everybuddy!  Check out my silly face selfie.  I know…it’s kinda dark and blurry…but selfies don’t have to be purrfect, right?  And lemme tell ya…this was a difficult selfie to take…with me being upside down and all.  Okay…so I had a little help with it. It’s a holiday weekend here.  So I’m getting my silly [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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May 042014
Easy E Sunday

Hey, everybuddy…it’s time for another “Easy E’s Tip of the Day!” It’s been awhile since I’ve done one…so here goes! Today’s tip has to do with the tip of your tongue:  If you want to get a lot of attention and have your humans ooh’ing and aah’ing….stick your tongue out…just a little bit…and leave it [read more]