Sep 112016
Easy E's Trouble Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! Once again, I’m doing something a little different for my selfie this week. Check it out… It’s a toes selfie. But this one’s a little different from previous toes selfies I’ve done. See that piece of fur stuck in there? Yep…that’s some Wally fur. He and I were having a wrasslin’ match earlier [read more]

Apr 032016
Easy E's Extra Toesies Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! Most of you know that I’m a polydactyl cat…meaning I have extra toesies. Today I thought I’d share some interesting facts about polydactyl cats, or polycats…as I like to call myself. Polydactylism is a genetic condition passed down through a dominant gene. Some say it’s an abnormality, but I don’t think it’s abnormal [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jan 052014
Easy E Sunday

*lickity lickity chomp chomp lickity* That’s it?!? That’s my first Easy E Sunday post of the new year?? Me cleaning my toesies?!? No! No! No! Me cleaning my Spot 13 is not better! What’re you thinking?!? This should be banned from the innernets! We gotta do better than this next time, mom… otherwise I’ll be [read more]