Oct 212013
'Tocktober - Mancat Style

Hey, everybuddy!  It’s me…Wally!  A tradition was started by our furiend, Derby, of showing our ‘tocks to celebrate ‘Tocktober…and his birthday…which just so happens was yesterday.  Yeah, we know…we’re a day late and one catnip mouse short.  Happy Belated Birthday, Derby!  Here are our mancatly ‘tocks in celebration! You got anything you wanna say, Ernie? [read more]

Oct 212010
'Tocktober Thursday

Hey, waydaminit! Me and Zoey didn’t get to show our ‘tocks yesterday! And we know you all want to see them!!  So for your viewing pleasure… Oops!!  I got X-rated ‘tocks!! And I got upsidedown ‘tocks!!  Happy ‘Tocktober!!

Torbie ‘Tocks!

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Oct 202009
Torbie 'Tocks!

A tradition was started by our furiend, Derby, of showing your ‘tocks to celebrate ‘Tocktober…and his birthday, which just so happens to be today!  Happy birthday, Derby!!   Ernie and that orange stripey cat already showed you their ‘tocks.  (Click HERE if you missed them or just want to see them again.)  But I never got to show mine!! [read more]

Oct 202008
Collars and 'Tocktober!

Hey, check out our new Halloween collars!    See mine??  It’s got ghosts on it!! And mine’s got pumpkins on it! These are Beastie Bands! They’re lightweight and stretchy and fasten with somethin’ called velcro. They’re purrty cool!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And in honor of ‘Tocktober and Derby’s birthday, we’re showing our ‘Tocks! Here’s mine! Oops!  Mine are X-rated!! And, [read more]